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how come?

How come I got tired?!

I didnt get involved with tiring and full of effort activities,..
I've just sat and relaxed in my 3 subs with no break,. at isa pa-wula kameng last subject! I think my prof. in Filipino is currently taking her month long coffee break!
And after that,. we practiced our p.e presentation and we went straight at SM-yah! It's our home! There, I've just tortured my feet for we've done nothing. I've spent a lot there at SM which I should not. Pero,. masaya kase nakita ko siya ng 2 beses-for the very first time! From start to finish! When I arrived to school and when I'm going out of school! Hayyyyyyy......

How come I'm very lucky?

I was absent last ,last tuesday,.. I wasnt able to attend these subs-History, Math and Filipino! But I think I'm very fortunate! It's because nothing really significant and worth attending happened that day! The proof is my classes today-I think I'm not late with the lessons,. and as they said-there's no lecture at all when I get absent!- In Math-, I was able to answer the homework which Iwasnt able to study with them(I mean in the class),. and in Filipino, they just attended a program the day I get absent.... hahah, In History, when I asked them what did they tackled about, they just said that they were not listening! And so,. we're just the same!

How come I'm thinking of him?

Why am I always like this?! I cant stop thinking of this man which I havent seen since July,.. (hehe just a month) Every single moment and every little thing, he's always involved which shouldn't been..,.,.,.,. Maybe because of this vacuous heart that's longing for a faithful love! hakhak,.,., and another thing-I've dreamt of him last night and that's a very sweet dream!!!!!

How come she's mad at me?

Just hours ago, I've heard from my close friend that this girl is getting(maybe) insecured about me... Maybe because she wasnt able to overcome me with her talent.. and she's getting irritated just because she was not chosen by our classmates? Ano xah? And with these gossips I'm receiving, she's a total pride and "feeling".. Im not mad at her because I understand that there are species that 's like that. But still,. there's one thing I want to make clear- if she feels like that then dont be a non-biodegradable-plastic in front of me!

naku tama na nga toh.. antok na ko
chaka naman eh


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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