How Sad

It's wednesday night,. and the heavy rain is approaching. How I wish there's no classes for tomorrow! Wait,. I think I'm not updated,. I dont have a cp for now,.. they (parents) let me wait until the end of the month,. how sad! I'm also sad for my atm is already empty,,.. a surprise financial problem just got here yesterday so I need to sacrifice my allowance to help,.. though it really hurts! I cant do anything eh,. I'm the only one who can help that time.. becauce of that,. I wasnt able to attend classes yesterday.. ang chaka! peo ok lang kase la namang big na nangyri khpon in my subs! saya!

Hmm.. Hmm...
All I hear is raindrops.. falling on the rooftop,

hayy! hirap ng buhay loveless,.. ang raming pumapasok na imagination



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