Just yesterday

What a day yesterday!!! Tumunganga na naman ako sa CWTS nmen,. lage nalang ganun,,. pero thankful pren kse di ako umabsent!! Di ako ngpadala sa mga false senses ko,. halkhak!!
For those who were absent yesterday, they were given punishment! hayyy.... their class cards will be hold! ayy tama ba?! naku buti nlang tlga,. sulit aman ang pagtunganga! Then after that,. I went home with my porwan family,. only few of them.. and there I felt like crazy! Nagpicture-picture b nmn kme sa gitna ng kalsada?! Di b nmn lokaloka,.

Today,. I remember that on thursday will be Babychoi day! And Im planning to make a birthday card! Yezzz..,.,. But I'm out of time,. pero sisikapin kong mkagawa!

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