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Huh,. mondays are really irritating!! Heavy traffic and lotsa people - so..so! Kakangarag,..

So early in the morning ngarag na ko because of the hot temp! Nu pa bah aasahan ko sa Pilipinas? Sobrang nakakajahe,. I'm wearing heels and pencit cut skirt pa naman! Grabeh,. buti naka-akyat akong jeep,. hakhak.. Along divisoria, nakasabay ko pa si Babychoi! Wheew,. I'm not alone being late! yAh,. Late na ko nun! hakhak,. Good thing the two of us were added by our 5 more late blockmates.! hakhak,. I'm not ashame anymore/./Grand entrance kame sa first class namen-Nat Sci kay mejo aning aning professor-Ms. Ramos! Then,. all were just fine in her class.

Almost all in our block we're already wearing the school uniform. They look fine unlike me at my first day of wearing school uniform! My shoes were really a torture to my feet!!! And there's a need for a big adjustment.. the way I walk! Because of the pencil cut skirt (uniform), I can only walk with short steps!! I can't even ride a jeep! So I really need a lot of FACE,. nakakahiya kaya! ('--,) naku, . buti pa sila (-.-)

Also,. we have a very happy group activity this day in our Ethics class under Mam Orange! It's really a lot of fun! Each of the group is alloted to dramatize a certain situation..Aristotle's life.. Hehem.. it 's pretty cool that all groups performed without that 'shyness',. it's a dangerous trait in our block! So we keep off of it! And whOlaah! Para kameng party animals! Di pwedeng di ka matatawa in each group! Ni hindi nga sila serious eh! Coz even if they try to be serious matatawa lang din kame s knila! And it's so boring kaya if they apply that! ahak,.

Another thing that happened,. my nightmares keep hunting me! Sobrang wrong timing! NAku,. kung kelan ayokong maencounter yng mga 'enemies' ko saka sila nagmumulto-mukha naman tlga silang mumo-duuuuh

CWTS Day is coming,. and so.. the contest is also pressuring me.. I'm really scared // Feel like I want to skip August 26! Naku. buburahin ko sa kalendaryo yan~~,

(music: I love yo u - Full House)


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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