Ohhh... hOw bOring! I dont even have something to do today... coz I dont even think of something to be done for tomorrow,. like our assignment in Math,. oh what's the big deal? I'm done with the recitation so I wouldnt be called for sure....but our English class makes me aware right now! I think I need to have something to work on.. but I know I'm so lazy,. so maybe, . again.. I'll just let the hours passed and sleep late at night working on my site!

Why am I like this? HE is not doing anything but I'm getting rid of him lately.. I'm not mad at him or what but there's something I want to get rid of for now.... ewan ko,. baliw na ata ako!

Same routine,. the contest is coming but I'm here.. pampering! I still dont have the cd.. the costume,. but finally! I've decided for the song! wheew! atleast it lessened my worries!! hakhakhakhak

Dreaming.. dreaming!
My hobby,. but I think,. it's really a fantasy coz I've been thinking of him,. si RNR,. ang chaka! ang kulit ng utak ko! pasaway,. but supposedly,. I should be thinking about my goals in life,. and ofcourse! my dream house etc!!!! hayy! alam kong pangarap lang yon

----> what else?
It's so quiet here right now,. and what a miracle- I'm not listening to music right now!! hakhak

why are boys so "gulo" !
bakit pa kase nauso yang mixed signs na yan eh
naku,.. pampagulo ng buhay!
they're all the same,. aminin! Isa lang kahinaan at iniisip ng mga yan,


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