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IT Student na 'ko!

*Please bear with my grammar, I'm not good at English.


This coming June 2, 2008, I will officially become an IT student. It might sound great for I'm not a college student taking up Gen. Ed. anymore but the truth is, I'm still like one.

Just last Friday, I enrolled for an Information Technology course at PLM for my 2nd yr college. Yes, 2nd year. My first year college was only a Gen. Ed. course because it's the school's policy. Now, if you're General Weighted Average for the first year is qualified for your preferred course, then you'll have it. Good thing, I qualified for my first choice course (though I don't really like it), so there were no worries and the enrollment process went smoothly. But 3 things surprised me like a popped balloon-

1st.. my schedule.

I think this is the worst schedule that I've ever had. I have classes from Mondays-Saturdays! And it's really unfair to me (and also for my still-unknown-blockmates) to have only the usual-Sundays as off while other blocks (or if I know, almost all!) have 2 more day offs! It's really unfair!!!! *tears* I think I wouldn't be able to watch my favorite weekdays show. *more.tears*

2nd. my blockmates

I still don't know who are my blockmates but before I enrolled, I assumed that my fellow first-year blockmates who also chose IT as their preferred course will join me in the block. But very unfortunate for me, I'm alone, while all those people I assumed, were blockmates. I was separated from them. I felt like hell. No one's even sharing a room with me?!! My gosh!! It made me nervous for in a few days, I will be wandering in a group of people thinking whom will I share seats with. I'm already scared. I might turn into a lonely weird girl. *joke*. But God's really good to me, HE let me have HONEYLETTE!! *claps*. She's my classmate in my NSTP subject when I was in first year (college of course). It made me feel better because, at least there's one person I know in my block! *yehey*..

3rd. my subjects

I thought now that I will finally be dealing with my future (my real course), I will have those computer related subjects. But I wondered once I saw my subjects- they're almost computer unrelated! There were subjects like 'Art, Man & Society', 'Physics' and etc. etc. I noticed these are still Gen. Ed. subjects and I complained why do I need to take these? Oh my gosh! I thought I'll be battling through computer hours but it came out I'll be fighting with books unrelated to my course! It came out as a knock-out. I think I'll be wasting another year of my life with those never-ending Gen. Ed. subjects!!

So it happened. I can't complained and have it the way I wanted it to be.
I will be taking my own way now. I need to be more serious and more focus.
I need to prioritize and be STUDIOUS! *fingers.crossed*
Oh, wish me to have friendly blockmates. Of course, please include good, kind and professional professors. Oh, don't forget my successful report cards! =)


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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