IT Student na 'ko!

*Please bear with my grammar, I'm not good at English.


This coming June 2, 2008, I will officially become an IT student. It might sound great for I'm not a college student taking up Gen. Ed. anymore but the truth is, I'm still like one.

Just last Friday, I enrolled for an Information Technology course at PLM for my 2nd yr college. Yes, 2nd year. My first year college was only a Gen. Ed. course because it's the school's policy. Now, if you're General Weighted Average for the first year is qualified for your preferred course, then you'll have it. Good thing, I qualified for my first choice course (though I don't really like it), so there were no worries and the enrollment process went smoothly. But 3 things surprised me like a popped balloon-

1st.. my schedule.

I think this is the worst schedule that I've ever had. I have classes from Mondays-Saturdays! And it's really unfair to me (and also for my still-unknown-blockmates) to have only the usual-Sundays as off while other blocks (or if I know, almost all!) have 2 more day offs! It's really unfair!!!! *tears* I think I wouldn't be able to watch my favorite weekdays show. *more.tears*

2nd. my blockmates

I still don't know who are my blockmates but before I enrolled, I assumed that my fellow first-year blockmates who also chose IT as their preferred course will join me in the block. But very unfortunate for me, I'm alone, while all those people I assumed, were blockmates. I was separated from them. I felt like hell. No one's even sharing a room with me?!! My gosh!! It made me nervous for in a few days, I will be wandering in a group of people thinking whom will I share seats with. I'm already scared. I might turn into a lonely weird girl. *joke*. But God's really good to me, HE let me have HONEYLETTE!! *claps*. She's my classmate in my NSTP subject when I was in first year (college of course). It made me feel better because, at least there's one person I know in my block! *yehey*..

3rd. my subjects

I thought now that I will finally be dealing with my future (my real course), I will have those computer related subjects. But I wondered once I saw my subjects- they're almost computer unrelated! There were subjects like 'Art, Man & Society', 'Physics' and etc. etc. I noticed these are still Gen. Ed. subjects and I complained why do I need to take these? Oh my gosh! I thought I'll be battling through computer hours but it came out I'll be fighting with books unrelated to my course! It came out as a knock-out. I think I'll be wasting another year of my life with those never-ending Gen. Ed. subjects!!

So it happened. I can't complained and have it the way I wanted it to be.
I will be taking my own way now. I need to be more serious and more focus.
I need to prioritize and be STUDIOUS! *fingers.crossed*
Oh, wish me to have friendly blockmates. Of course, please include good, kind and professional professors. Oh, don't forget my successful report cards! =)

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