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Baccalaureate Mass 2011

Sir Garry De Gracia told us to wear our Best Sunday Dress, much better than what we'll wear in graduation but I guess it's not followed. Also, this was the rush day as we are working on our clearance in able for us to receive our diploma on graduation. Luckily we met the deadline 3pm, and we had 30 mins. left to make paganda for the mass. 

Here are the photos taken:

Me and Alvin before the mass.

 Mau, Ariv, Hermo, me and Alvin.

 Raise your light. A very wonderful moment to remember 
in my college days.

We shine the brightest with our light held together. - Hermotel

Alvin and I.

 We will share the same light forever.

Picture taking:

A picture with my favorite professor, Sir Erwin Marcelo. Love you sir!

That night was solemn, fun and memorable. Here is where I felt that in the next few days, I'll be exiting college and leave my alma mater. I'll surely be missing my friends, professors at ang nakagisnang paghihirap. One day I'll come back. That's for sure. :)


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