I searched my trunk this afternoon and found these things:

  • Angel figures
  • Artwork ? hehe and
  • Choir piece
I'm happy that I was able to keep these as most of them were from my high school days. 
Warning: My camera is not great :(

Angel figurines, both were given by Ralph Ryan Ramos in two separate Christmas. :)
Memories of my first year high school. 

This figurine was pretty tough, no broken parts yet even if I rambled it with other figures.
See the names written under? That's the proof. I regret not writing the date back then.

Another angel. Not that expensive looking but very significant.

Now I wonder why Ralph likes giving me angel figurines? Maybe because he wants these angels to guide me. :) Sweet.  

Copied Pastel. I don't know the name of this piece. This was made out of a school activity in my Humanities subject in college. 

This makes me remember:
  • The borrowing of coloring materials.
  • Doing overtime at school.
  • My gay professor.

Choir Piece. A choir piece entitled Old Time Religion. We sang this song during a choir competition in my fourth year high school. :D

This makes me remember:
  • My choirmates and our unofficial conductor.
  • My crushes in choir.
  • My solo part in this song.
  • Choir caroling every Christmas.

Memories are best remembered with these well-preserved memorabillias. Keeping these things makes me whole as I was reminded of the different bits of my life that I often forgot. Try keeping small things, candy wrapper, bottle caps etc. that will make you remember the big events that happened in your life. It will not break a sweat and is worth doing. Just make sure to have enough space for those memories! 

Make and keep lots of them. :)

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