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Midnight adventure

Last friday, my bootcamp buddies and I watched Praybeyt Benjamin at SM Megamall and the show was at 10:15pm and it ended 12am. That time, I couldn't go home anymore, delikado na for me so I contacted a friend para may kasabay pauwi. Unfortunately, empty-battery na ko! That was midnight and I'm not that familiar with the place I couldn't find a payphone. Even the security guards didn't know if there's a nearest payphone or ministop or 7-11 store around. I'm almost in tears that time, but I continued searching out of nowhere. I asked people walking at the streets, bystanders, anyone with the hope of receiving a positive answer. I was also a bit sad on how they reacted when I get near them, they were like scared and they tried to avoid me like I'm some kind of a holdaper. (Pretty-holdaper :-P) Ugh, I understood 'cause that's how I'll also react in the same situation. Going back, I was tired and hopeless that time I'm getting myself ready for an overnight stay somewhere. Luckily, a girl with the name 'RED' (maybe it's her nickname) answered my prayers. She lead me to a ministop near her work that was a bit far from SM Megamall. It's true there's no ministop or 7-11 near the mall.

As we walked I saw the life at midnight, nightshift people rushing up to work, open bars and their banging music, 24 hours fast food chains, empty streets and closed establishments. I was amazed and happy that I forgot to memorized the path we're taking. :P But I have my instinct, I know I'll get out alive. Haha 

We took two turns until we arrived at this building I didn't know and there's the light - ministop! Their charging and calling (not sure what's that called) station really helped me. With just 5 pesos, I was saved from the midnight scare, I was able to contact my friend and my phone was charged. But wait, there's more, I couldn't find my way back. O_O I thought I got the details right when Red instructed me for the way and landmarks. Good thing, I managed to roll the dice and take an uncertain step.  With all the guts, naglakad-lakad ako sa gitna ng gabi para lang makahanap ng mga lugar na mukhang nadaanan ko na and thank God naalala ko ang isang bagay na ginawa namin ni Red, ang 'tumawid'. I forgot that we crossed the streets! Maybe because I wasn't paying attention to where we are going as I am focused on what Red was saying that time. :D Ayon, thanks to my memory, although it was a bit slow on processing important reminders, it didn't let me down.

Lessons learned:
  • Don't let your battery drain. Bring charger and charge at the office. 
  • Create a good communication (sa inyong makakasabay) whenever there's time and resources, don't cut it until all was clear.
  • Always have 5 peso coins for the charging station / payphone etc. It will save your life
  • Do not hesitate to ask, it will give you double - an answer and a friend. :)
Thanks to Red for accompanying me. Hope to see her around. :-D


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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