Topics for the day:

1. I was supposed to buy a Shih Tzu. Unluckily, naunahan ako sa prospect ko. T_T Nakaready pa naman na yung pangalan niya. Huhu

2. I badly need a jacket with hood, but I didn't find one when I visited the mall. 

3. I want to play fruit ninja. That's why I want to own an iPod or an iPad. haha

4. I wonder if I forgot to pay the last month's internet bill?  hmmmmm..... 

5. Looking forward to a get together with college friends next week.

6. I don't want to work tomorrow! Give me a break please....

7. I'm getting more matured now, I'm experiencing adult issues na. I did not expect that huh. 

8. I wonder if I'll be more beautiful as I grow older? Haha! Just a crazy thought.

9. Trying hard to have a work-life-balance.

10. The "Laguna opportunity". Will it be wise for our family to move at Laguna?

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