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Monito Monita *late post

Monito Monita/Exchange Gifts/Kris Kringle - the usual Christmas activities. And as our company held this kind of activity, I participated and prepared my gifts as this was my first time (in the company). Unfortunately I cannot show you the exact pictures of what I gave to my baby because I forgot to take pictures. :P

Three sets: Something Green, Something Red and Something White.

Something Green
Description: Something Recyclable, Reusable and anything for the environment.

I gave a mini abaca woven basket for my baby as I think it is something reusable for her desk. She can put anything she like on it.

This is what I got:

A box of Safari chocolates!
Just when my braces were fresh, I had to control myself from this temptation. I think my secret santa was thinking of the literal something 'Green' as in the color green.

Something Red
Description: Something sexy, naughty and anything about love

This really made me think coz I'm not that naughty. If only I can give myself ('sexy' harhar) I will. :P I came up with a red headrest for my baby. Why? Because I think, it's something present when making love. Wahaha! But I chose a headrest for my baby for him to use when tired in the office.

Here's what I got:
An angry bird key chain. Naughty? Na-ah! It's red!

Something White
Description: Something clean and pure

I gave my baby a hankerchief for this. I'm a hanky lover, I cannot go out without a hanky. And so? haha.

What I got for something white?

A compaq case. It's really white.

Well, as you can see all of the items that I got was literal to the title of the theme.  I cannot blame my secret santas as it's really hard to hit the description of the theme. Me too found it hard to think of a gift. But to sum it all, it was fun thinking and giving gifts! Though I never got to meet my secret santas as they remained secret, I know they had fun too.

Merry Christmas!


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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