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Flashback 2011

For my year-end activity, I picked 10 random photos taken in the year 2011 and tell something about it.

1st Photo:
Taken during college. The event was I-Tech day and we were lined up by block in the campus field,  laid in the open sun with matching yellow shirt. I remember taking this day as a break by not attending the activities and doing the "Attendance and Run". 

2nd Photo:

Super mini pictorial at home headed by me. Amae, my cousin, was my model and I  directed her with some poses I dream of acting. Haha! Char lang.

3rd Photo:

1x1. Taken at the Accenture Recruitment Center waiting area. That time we need a 1x1 (or 2x2) picture for our school clearance. Using my not-so-good cam, we took pictures taking advantage of the plain white wall of the room. Walang hiya-hiya!

4th Photo:

Correct Us. A proof of our hardship during defense. Our group never run out of review points. 

5th Photo:

Where: At Lucky's Tondo residence.
When: During those cramming days.
What: Overnight at Lucky's place to work on a project.
Laptops lined up and extension cords all  inserted on their designated power outlet.  I wonder how much was the electricity bill during that month..

6th Photo:

Talent creation starts at three. Here's my niece drawing of a (obviously) human on her blackboard. Truly, those creative hands runs in the blood of our family.

7th Photo:

The Who! My blockmates taking a rest after defense.

8th Photo:

The Smell of Graduation. Who wouldn't be happy when they can already take their graduation picture? That's our group during the graduation pictorial. Only our pet Hermo was missing because he took the second batch.

9th Photo:

Another family. Every stage of my life, a family was always created. This was my first family when I entered the corporate world as they say. Aiko, Tatay Isan and I in the picture.

10th Photo:

Fave breakfast. hotcakes made my every morning in the office. I remember having a trial-and-error experience when there was a time when I only have the knife with no fork and another moment of butter with no honey. After that I found the essence of double-checking.

There you have it. Photos taken for the year 2011. I can't remember the exact dates as usual.



Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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