My Tanso came!

A week ago, I ordered for this unique slumbook which I saw in the internet.
Usually, slumbooks for my age is very off and corny but this slumbook I can say was for adults with young-heart like me. I got really excited in showing this to my officemates. 

Simple, full of humor and cute! That's what is "The akala mo lang wala nang slumbook pero Meron, Meron, Meron!: The Tanso Edition" by Witty Will Save the World, Co. 

Here some photos:

The package.

 The  slumbook cover. :) Cute isn't it?

The intro page. Pahirapan magfill up at magconnect ng given words. Nawawalan ng thought at sense eh! haha! 

The ever funny questions I never thought would showed up in a slumbook. 

The historical questions in a slumbook with a twist! The side comments are really funny!

 The back cover.

I never thought it would be this small. Pero keri na ang size para sa slumbook. :D

Now I remember that my last slumbook was when I was in elementary. So tagal na pala. It'll be fun reading it again.. (new task! ;D )

Check out their facebook page to explore more on the slumbook questions and new features.  
The price is also affordable and shipping is free for Manila. 


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