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Altaroca Mountain Resort in Antipolo

I just wanted to show you how Altaroca is good for your get-togethers.

Perfect rooms to accommodate a big number of people.

Pools, cottages and decks to held that party.

The pool. View from the upper deck
The Kiddie Pool.
The lower deck. 
The Upper deck.  (photo by Mark Anthony)   

Behind us is the upper deck.

Isang malabong kuha. hehe

Relaxing places and bar

Grandma on a rocking chair.

The Bar.

A separate place for ihaw/dirty preparations.

Free videoke to sing your heart out! (photo by Mark Anthony)
Altaroca is on a high altitude place so expect a wide view of antipolo. (",)
Although puro bahay lan naman makikita. hehe
Cottages in the morning, perfect to have breakfast.
The path to the decked room. 
Relax on that wooden chairs in the morning.
Perfect to think and reflect with a cup of coffee and bread.

With the structure of the resort itself, you'll be happy and excited to take lots of pictures (Which I did). Though, the resort is still under construction (and not yet open to public), I know when it was done it will be the heaven for groups of people who love a private place to relax and get-together.


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