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Boso Boso Highlands


Worth it! - That's how I describe my experience at Boso Boso Highlands Resort located at Antipolo City. This place is perfect if you want adventure and nature!

The entrance fee is cheap, the resort is accessible and wonderful - you'll have so much to see. Perfect for outing with friends or family though not really advisable for kids as the resort is steep and mostly composed of stairs. The staffs are fine, some of them can answer your questions and most of them will direct you to the information office. The resort doesn't have a restaurant, just a mini store for snacks and drinks at an expensive price so it's better to bring your own food. There are 3 pools - 1 kiddie pool and 2 normal pools. 

There is a videoke in the view of the mountains in Antipolo. There's also a playground and a spacious parking lot, and yes, even buses can park.

You really have to set your camera ready for the amazing views of mountains and trees.

A private pool is also located just below the resort for closed type accommodation. A wonderful site that we visited near this is the activity grounds where you can experience that extra challenges you'll see on TV.

The fun part I'll never forget - passing the hanging bridge! Regrets for not trying out the one rope challenge (I called that one rope because you'll pass a single rope (provided the net overhead for you to hang on) in able to reach the other tower.)

Include this resort in your list and check out more info in their site.



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