Microwave Cupcake

I've been very curious on baking something recently and the only thing I have is a microwave oven. So straight to google and searched for microwave cake recipes - but I opted for small recipe so I ended in cupcake.

This is a cupcake in a mug. I got the recipe from casaveneracion.

Cake flour
White Sugar
Cocoa powder

You need a microwavable mug, spoon and the microwave oven.

Mix the dry ingredients first.
3 tbsp of cake flour and sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 pinch of salt

Then add 2 tbsp of whisked egg and 3 tbsp of milk and oil

Mix until it looks like this.

 Put in the microwave for about 2 mins. then let it cool down before you eat.

See! Umalsa na siya!

Finished product

I wondered why it sinked. Siguro nasobrahan sa seconds. 2:30 kase ang sinet ko sa kanya. haha

I had no one to taste this, kaya ako nalang. Siyempre "masarap" ! Haha! Hindi, honestly, di ata maganda yung cocoa powder na ginamit ko. Pero masarap naman siya. :P

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