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Residencia de Riego - From 8 to 3

My friend Nhykie bought this voucher months ago from CashCashPinoy.com and it was for a group of 8 - overnight stay. We planned and had this rescheduled many times and we ended up using this last November 16, 2012 because we already rescheduled 3 times - and that's the maximum. Sadly, only the three of us - Nhykie, Nej and I were able to attend. Sayang nuh? Pero ok lang, we still enjoyed it.

How to go there:
- From Gil Puyat Buendia, ride a Jam Liner Bus (160+) going to Lemery and tell them to drop you at Muzon, then ride a tricycle (70) going to Residencia de Riego.

- The bus + tricycle ride took about 3 hours maximum - time to sleep and recharge + the bus also has Wifi.
- The resort is located far from the main street - you really need to take a tricycle or a long walk.

Reaching the resort, we headed to the information booth and as expected, the lady was surprised to see only the three of us. Anyway, they still gave us the food coupons for eight and they accompanied us to our room.

Meet Erlinda. Our room. We got curious on why does all room was named after a person and they answered it's named after the family of the owner of the resort. Cool! Erlinda must be one of the eldest - comparing it to its size and accommodation.

The room was great, it has four beds, airconditioned, has a TV and refrigerator. Also the CR has heater. Aside from the room, we also have our own picnic table.

The porch is also great and we loved the design of the room. Just a flaw, rooms are so next to each other. Since beside our room was the neighbor's picnic table, all their laughing and screaming can easily be heard.

We bought our dinner outside so we only looked for merienda. They had their restaurant and bar wherein foods are on reasonable price - just the ordinary, 100-300 pesos. Before the moon comes out, nilibot muna namen ang resort.

Coconut trees surround the pool and they actually sell these trees.

Small rooms are named with Maria - like Ma. Fe, and the shower rooms are named David and Bianca - how cute!. The resort also has separate area for dishwashing and grilling. Just at the back of the area is the perfect for couples room - the Kubo Villas. 

The boys shower room. And yes, I'd like David to wash me. Hahaha! - Bading Friend

Strolling. Nej and Nhykie inside the Kubo Villas.

The resort also has this camping area wherein bigger celebrations can also be held. It has a stage inside and tables and I think it can accommodate up to 300-500 people.

Experience Camping at Camp Jemaena.

Camp Lim. Perfect for team buildings. The tents has 2 beds and 2 electric fans.

Take a dip. The resort has 3 pools - 1 kiddie pool and 2 for adults. This is the main attraction as it changes light during the night which was really cute. I wasn't able to take pictures at that time - masarap lumangoy at magrelax sa tubig eh! haha

Lovin' the wooden chairs.

Our voucher comes with a free breakfast and since it's for eight and we're only three, our breakfast was fiesta! The breakfast includes Hotsilog, tapsilog, Daengsilog and Fried Biya with Silog! XD Of course, it comes with an overflowing Kape Barako! - free until lunch "Manawa ka sa kape". The food amount and taste is just of the average - for me! Actually, their tapa tastes like tocino.

The food coupons.

Morning feast.

After the breakfast, we headed to our scheduled activities. All activities are free and must be scheduled to the information booth - free one hour use of table tennies, billiards, volleyball, basketball court, videoke and darts. Actually we scheduled for billiards and videoke the night before, but we chose to swim and eat. Haha!

Perfect pampapawis. Who says table tennis doesn't make you sweat?

Ansaya lang maglaro nito pag nakakabulls-eye ka. haha!

The resto bar.

They sell printed tshirts and balisong.

The resort has a mini sari sari store, bar, restaurant and tattoo booth. All in all, the stay was great. Though there's no great views etc., all you have is the perfectly built and designed resort. An overnight stay is just right, since there's only few of the activities you can do, and strolling will only take an hour or two. Outside the resort, there's nothing. You'll need a tricycle to reach the main road. Will I come back? Yes! Why not? The service, accommodation and place was great. And when I come back, I'll take this dog home.

:) So cute!


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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