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20 Random Facts About Me

Hi! I just thought of posting something. The following are the 20 random facts about me.

1. I have short nails, which makes me frustrated when it comes to nail art.
2. I always bring a handkerchief when I'm outside the house.
3. I love to buy skin/hair products.
4. I love animals.
5. I hate how life is unfair.
6. I am easy to get insecure.
7. I don't believe in myself, at all.
8. I like beautiful girls, future lesbian? haha
9. I don't style my hair a lot.
10. I comb my hair once a day, at most is 2 times.
11. I only know a few of hollywood actors/actresses, about five?
12. I am bitter. Possible to be man-hater.
13. I am a sentimental person.
14. I don't eat Dinuguan and Kare-kare when I was young.
15. I'm not an 'Iglesia'.
16. I love sisig.
17. I don't usually talk to strangers, 'suplada' ?
18. I sleep with my arms raised.
19. I love to travel.
20. I don't always eat breakfast.

Whew! That's hard. I saw a post with 50 random facts but I already sweat in thinking for 20!
Anyway, say something about yours, make sure you can fill up the numbers! :D



Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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