20 Random Facts About Me

Hi! I just thought of posting something. The following are the 20 random facts about me.

1. I have short nails, which makes me frustrated when it comes to nail art.
2. I always bring a handkerchief when I'm outside the house.
3. I love to buy skin/hair products.
4. I love animals.
5. I hate how life is unfair.
6. I am easy to get insecure.
7. I don't believe in myself, at all.
8. I like beautiful girls, future lesbian? haha
9. I don't style my hair a lot.
10. I comb my hair once a day, at most is 2 times.
11. I only know a few of hollywood actors/actresses, about five?
12. I am bitter. Possible to be man-hater.
13. I am a sentimental person.
14. I don't eat Dinuguan and Kare-kare when I was young.
15. I'm not an 'Iglesia'.
16. I love sisig.
17. I don't usually talk to strangers, 'suplada' ?
18. I sleep with my arms raised.
19. I love to travel.
20. I don't always eat breakfast.

Whew! That's hard. I saw a post with 50 random facts but I already sweat in thinking for 20!
Anyway, say something about yours, make sure you can fill up the numbers! :D


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