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Cebu's Virgin Island

It was January last year when I first visited Cebu with my friends. After the Sinulog 2013 we went straight to Bantayan Island. One of the famous islands near Bantayan Island is the Virgin Island which is part of the tours in there. Through a motorized boat, we traveled about an hour in the sea. We then reached a glowing Virgin Island.

Boat ride photobomber

Photo credits to Dave. Boat ride with peeps

Hurry! My feet's excited!


Photo credits to Dave. Mixed emotions. Cleaning the snorkeling gears before using it.

The island already has cottages for rent, souvenir store and bathrooms. They also offer utensils for rent that you can use for lunch. We had our bangkeros as our cook and tour guide that time. They cooked what we bought at the market prior to doing the tour. Prepare your taste buds with the following: :)

Five's not enough. Seems a lot but NOT with 6 boys and 2 girls.

Chicken Joy. You'll never go wrong with chicken.

Soft and white.
Don't cry little fish, I'll keep you loved in my stomach.

Hotdog. One hasn't experienced childhood without eating hotdogs!

Isn't that lovely! We snorkeled a little before we feast on our lunch. Main activity in this island is snorkeling because it is 'virgin' from fishing so you will see a lot of fishes even in the shallow part. You'll see different kinds of course and can feed them. We feed them with bread. I did not actually snorkel a lot because as you can see, I'm not the daughter of the sea and I'm too afraid to dip my head in the water! Also, hearing the sea urchins from my colleagues made me scared to go far.

Two Thumbs Up! Jessie with his 'overjoyed' moment.

Strolling in the island in the afternoon makes me want to sleep. It is so relaxing, every angle you see is clean and beautiful. We almost own the island because of a few visitors at that time, I think there's just 2 more groups that are with us. The visitors can also do beach volleyball.

The sun, the view, the sea breeze - Perfect ambiance to sleep! 

One can also sleep under the shed of this big rock with the sea as music. You can do a lot of reflection in this beautiful place. Think of what you really want in life, think of how you will go about it and recover. Muni-muni din pag may time.

Though there's not much activities in here, you'll already be satisfied with the nature around - the trees, the white fine sand, the fishes, clear sea water and pure clean air - not all island offer this. I'll definitely bring my family here someday!

Last photo before saying good bye to the island. Para tayong gang ah!


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