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Serye: Palawan, El Nido Day 3 - Inland Tours, Taraw Cliff Climb

My third day in El Nido, Palawan (Mar 17, 2014) started with an early wake-up call of  6AM. I expected the Taraw Cliff Climb will start at 6AM but I, together with my co-guests in Tour C yesterday - Ate Janet, Kat and April - still don't have a guide. 

We ate breakfast at Marina Garden Beach Resort, which was April and Kat's chosen accommodation. With just hot pandesal, cheesewiz and coffee, breakfast is already solved! Plus it's a treat from Kat and April. The actual Taraw Cliff Climb started at about 8:30AM. We just asked some locals around if they know someone who can guide us, luckily we found one.

At the start of the tour I really can't make that step into another big rock. For a couple of shameful minutes I really thought of quitting because I can't make it. Nakakahiya talaga kase nakakatatlong hakbang palang ata ako nun! First is because I'm not confident with my footwear, my balance and every step that I will make. It's as if every step will make me slide and off-balanced! I just thought that whatever happens to me, I just wished I'll come out alive - so I continued. Hugging rocks is not bad if you want to survive!

Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan, Rock Climbing
No gears, just my luck.

Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan, Rock Climbing
Go go Kat! I'll be right behind you. haha
Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan, Rock Climbing
We had two guides. One should be at the start of the line and one at the end. The climb and the trail that we had was also difficult and long according to April who already climb Taraw 2 times. For me this is my first time in rock climbing and I loved how well my body bend here and there (it's not that I did well!), doing extra-long steps and having surprise bruises. You know, it's the first time in 6 months that I did acrobatic stunts feeling flexible and all! An afternoon stretching, even if done every day, won't match to this!

Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan, Rock Climbing
Yes! That fulfilling moment!
Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan, Rock Climbing
Emotera sa Taraw.
April and her buwis-buhay pose!
After three hours, we made it to the top. The view was - as everybody said - breath-taking! Seeing the El Nido Bay and open sea from afar, seeing the whole El Nido town in mini toy-like version, I felt proud! Not everyone can see things like this, and it is really different when you see it personally. 

You'll feel the strong wind, hot sun, the fear of heights (even if you don't have one, you'll have one!), hot rocks, the sweat and dirt in your body that you wished there's a shower on top of the cliff, the thirst, muscle pain and the feeling of wanting to stay there longer and see that wonderful view in your room, your wallpaper, your office, in billboards and everywhere you go so that you won't forget about that exciting feeling.

Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan, Rock Climbing
Breathe-in, breathe-out. I feel like jumping off to the sea.
Taraw Cliff El Nido Palawan, Rock Climbing
Beautiful isn't it? 
After staying for about an hour, we went back using the same trail. Going down is much quicker, but much harder! It is because you won't see where's the next step. We passed by a forest and a river. I saw lots of spiders, small ones. I also felt the mosquito's presence with their numerous bites.

Going down took us 2 hours and as we step foot on the ground everyone's so relieved. We can finally get back to bed and take our pain relievers. We are floating of course, out of happiness. Experience the same by adding this to your 'to-do list' when visiting El Nido. I'm sure you'll have no regrets!

  • Proper attire of course, have your legs and elbow covered! 
  • Get ready for insect bites 
  • Bring a bottle of water 
  • Use gloves because those rocks are hot hot! 
  • A thick-soled and rugged shoes or a Rambo slippers haha! 
  • Pain relievers 
  • Small body bag for the water and camera.

My next post is still about inland tour in El Nido. You might also like my other post on this Palawan Serye:

*All pictures in this post are not mine and should be of credits to April, Kat and Lin.


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