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Serye: Palawan, El Nido Day 4 - Island Hopping Tour A

My last day in El Nido Palawan ended with visiting the lagoons - Island Hopping Tour A. It comprises of the following:
  • Shimizu Island
  • Big Lagoon
  • Small Lagoon
  • Secret Lagoon
  • Seven Commando Beach
We had a private tour because we availed Tour A the last minute. The agency only expected for tour C that day so they only arranged our boat the last minute. With one guide - Batman - and a boatman, we sailed.


First stop is the secret-no-more Secret Lagoon. Inside this lagoon is a knee-deep water and tall cliffs. One has to pass through a small hole to enter this place.

Secret Lagoon El Nido Palawan Secret Lagoon El Nido Palawan

See the crocodile? Look at the rocks. 

Secret Lagoon El Nido Palawan

Outside this is a small white beach. No activities can be done except picture-taking.

Secret Lagoon El Nido Palawan
Ask your guide where are the picture-perfect spots, they should know! Like this one.

After this we already headed for lunch at Shimizu Island. Not the exact side of the island to do snorkelling because the strong waves make the water unclear. It disappointed me that I cannot witness the colorful school of fishes as displayed in the tarpaulins of tour agencies. Sigh.


Looking for a comfort room but there's none. LOL!

Shimizu Island El Nido Palawan
A reptile trail

I'm still with the undefeated co-guests in Tour C - April and Kat - Yes! From Day 1 to 4, I'm with them and it's a happy feeling. Ate Janet's last night was yesterday and she already had Tour A during her first day. With only four guest our food is too much. Same menu with my Tour C from other agency, they served fish, a few pork meat, squid and fruits but they still buy for hungry guests! Walang hindi masarap sa taong gutom!


Our next stop is the Big Lagoon. The very beautiful and rich Big Lagoon. I love this part!

Big Lagoon El Nido Palawan Sea Urchin>Sea urchin spotted at the shallow part. SCARY!

Big Lagoon El Nido Palawan The view of the entrance from the inside.

Big Lagoon El Nido PalawanInside Big Lagoon.

Inside is like a big swimming pool connected to a sea. This is also a good snorkelling site but be careful of the sea urchins even on the shallow parts. The place is best strolled using a kayak. April and Kat rented one at Php500.00.

Big Lagoon El Nido PalawanThat's Kat and April. 

Big Lagoon El Nido PalawanSome foreigners snorkeling.


If there's a Big Lagoon there's a Small Lagoon. This is also best strolled using a kayak and snorkelling can be done in here. I'm just irritated because it's crowded. The parking space is crowded too! What's good in here is I got to try to Kayak. I thought it's just simple like easy-open-can but man! It's like having only knife to do that! Paddling to make the kayak go straight is chicken but that's all I can do. Haha! Walang liko-liko! (No more turning) Turning the kayak to either side needs more effort. You have to move with your body. Apologies to April who was with me that time - our kayak bump into rocks a couple of times.

Small Lagoon El Nido Palawan

Small Lagoon El Nido Palawan

Small Lagoon El Nido Palawan


Our last stop is the Seven Commando Beach. This beach is also crowded (or our timing's just not right?). A hotel is already available here and cottages are being built at the moment. A bar is also installed in this place. I didn't enjoy it much because I want to pee. The CR is freaking far from beach! Argh! The whole time I'm just looking for a CR. Panira talaga ng moment ang feeling ng naiihi!

Seven Commando Beach El Nido

Seven Commando Beach El Nido

Seven Commando Beach El Nido

Seven Commando Beach El NidoThat's me walking alone.

So there's my four days stay at El Nido Palawan. It is almost fulfilled but there's still reason to go back - those are:

  • Visiting the Hidden Beach
  • Snorkelling at Shimizu Island
  • Pucca Bar - again!
  • Go to an island using a kayak!

I know the list will grow as the time passes by but I'm sure I'll be able to cross them out - one at a time! I'm also thankful for meeting new friends and getting the experience. El Nido is a safe place for new travelers, but the next visit might not simply be a safe zone, but a home.


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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