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Serye: Palawan, Puerto Princesa Day 1 - 2 Baker's Hill and Mitra's Ranch

This post is a continuation of Serye: Palawan, El Nido Day 4 - Island Hopping Tour A. Basically this is my fifth and sixth day in Palawan.

Bakers Hill, Puerto Princesa Palawan
It was Wednesday morning, March 19, 2013 and I have to wake up early. I need to buy ref magnets for my collection and some more souvenirs in El Nido! But yeah, 6AM is still too early for the shops to open. I have to resolve this task before I can finally leave El Nido, I'm too desperate for buying souvenirs! HAHA Anyway the schedule of the vans leaving for Puerto Princesa is 9AM so I still have time for a stroll.

When I got to buy the ref magnets and the t-shirt I've been wanting, I headed straight to the van terminal. It's a 6 hours ride before I reached Puerto Princesa, and I'm totally wear-out. Good thing the place where I stayed was fairly comfortable and has air conditioning! Kay-init sa Puerto Princesa nung panahong iyon! It took me 2 hours of rest before I went to Baker's Hill.

My accommodation is just in the middle of the city that's why I can get to anywhere I want easily. I just took a tricycle and multicab going to Baker's Hill and that's it, I reached the place in 30 minutes.


To go to Baker's Hill
  • In Rizal Avenue, take a cab going to Irawan or Ihawig and tell the driver to drop you off at the intersection going to Baker's Hill
  • On the street on the right side, take a tricycle to reach Baker's Hill

Baker's Hill is like a theme park. It has lots of statues and picture-perfect spots. The bakery, food stalls and restaurants will welcome you and the next part, it's all about landscaping. I did enjoy the place 'cause it's picture-perfect but it is a little bit crowded. What do I expect, it's a tourist spot. This place is near a college school so you'll see a number of students.

One of the life-sized statues
I ate palabok in one of their resto but I should have just took pictures while it’s not yet dark instead. To put it simply, I did not enjoy my food. The bakery's goods are far better to eat!

The picture's pretty suitable in that four-letter word - dark. 

After a few attempts to have a good night shot, I just went home and do clash-of-clans in my room. Haha! Naah, I'm pretty tired with that long van ride and all the walking so I slept early. The next day's call time is 6:45 AM for the Underground River tour. Too early for a sleepy-head like me but yeah I did it! I just skipped breakfast.


Those sleepy eyes..
I have no pictures while I was inside but every formation that you will see underground is amazing. I appreciate that it took long years to have that kind of formation and that it was well preserved to have it still intact.

A lunch buffet filled up my starving stomach. I rushed through it that I was not able to spoke with the other guests. That was our last moment together as we headed back to the city. Yeah, so quick. At 3PM I'm back to my hotel and I took some rest. You know that afternoon nap that you can't resist?


Just as I came to my senses, I took a shower and got ready for the Chaolong soup and the Mitra's Ranch.

Nice combi! French Bread and Chaolong soup.
The Chaolong Soup is a must try in Puerto Princesa! They say Vietnamese people used to settle in this place before during world war and the Chaolong Soup is what they shared to us Filipinos. The soup is best accompanied by a french bread that is also being sold at the Chaolong house. There are lots of Chaolong house in the city, you can find them almost everywhere.

I also visited the Palawan Museum and had a good background on the people of Palawan.


Mitra's Ranch is just beside the Baker's Hill. One can actually walk from one to another.
To go to Mitra's Ranch
  • In Rizal Avenue, take a cab going to Irawan/Ihawig and tell the driver to drop you off at the intersection going to Mitra's Ranch
  • Take a tricycle going to Mitra's Ranch. Warning, it is too far for you to walk, so take a tricycle.

Mitra's Ranch closes at 6PM. There's no entrance fee. The place is simply a ranch, a vast greenfield like the picnic grove in Tagaytay. One can do zipline for a price of Php500.00, it comprises of 4 ziplines (wait I think it's 3? Eh not sure!) and 4 stations. You'll basically go from one station to another that will lead you back at the starting point in the end.

I'm glad I made it 30 minutes before the closing time. After Mitra's Ranch I went back to Baker's Hill in my attempt to have a good photo while there's still light - Unlike in my failed pictures yesterday. I walked from Mitra's to Baker's Hill and glad I came earlier. Just like yesterday, there's still a lot of people - families and youngsters. I was able to take shots but I don’t know why I'm not in the mood to take lots of pictures.

A blurred and surprised attempt.

What's missing in my Puerto Princesa tour? A lot I know. My itinerary did not follow but I'm pretty satisfied with my Palawan experience. First I got to do it solo. I planned for it and worked hard for this to happen. I met new friends. I witnessed the natural beauty of the Philippines. I felt lucky and inspired in travelling. I had lots of goals in mind and I stand by in the following statement:

Create your own happy life. No one else will do it for you.

I decided to do things that will make me happy. I decided to earn these kind of experiences and meet people. I simply decided to not confine myself in the busy streets of Manila and instead be contented with a simple life. I'm inspired how country-side people are living a simple yet HAPPY life. Agree? Let me hear your thoughts on this by dropping a comment below.

See yah!


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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