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My first: Digital Perming Experience

After months of deciding how, when and where to have my hair permed, I finally got it done last October 4 at Beauty Brick, Makati. I looked for an affordable but quality digital perming among the bloggers online who has experience and yes, they are right - Beauty Brick does offer a good service.

What I know is this perming will have a beautiful outcome depending on the hair type and maintenance done. Mr. Shin said my curls are good and I was happy at first. But in just four days with no shampoo, just conditioner and the basic twist and crunch, my hair went straight and with just the ends curled. I was really disappointed because when they asked me where the wave will start, I expected that it will actually start there. With my waist-length, thin and straight hair, I said to have the wave start at lips level. They said day by day it will be loose, but I didn't expect it'll be straight in just four days. I contacted the salon after the "shampoo day" when me and my colleagues noticed that it only curled at the ends, they actually thought I just iron-curled it which is half compliment and half disappointing. You know, I paid for my expectations, but it is not met.

The Confrontation

Not an actual confrontation, but rather saying that the curls did not work on most of my hair. I went to the studio once again to have my hair checked. Going there, my hair were dry and were obviously straight with just about 5-inch curls at the end. See sample picture below taken at my "shampoo day". They did not check it. They instead shampooed my hair and checked it wet. Mr. Shin said my curls don't have any problem, but I said wait until it's dry so you'll see the problem. All of his staff were free, almost nothing to do at that time, so me being one of the 2 customers was well-pampered but I'm not comfortable with that because I have four staffs (max) working on my hair etc. at the same time. They all twist and scrunch my hair.

I was there for about 2 hours waiting for my hair to dry. I was nervous and mad at the same time. I'm really not comfortable with complaining, more so I'm not good at it. I just want to make good value with what I paid. I don’t want my 3,800 to go to waste and looked like I didn't have my hair permed!

So there, part the hair, twist and scrunch, and it dried - just like how they instructed me to do it. Mr. Shin explained that it is natural that the curls will be loose. I understand that - I fully understand that. But in just four days? I would have just let this pass if there are loose curls, but there is none. It is straight hair! Is it because of my virgin hair and color-treated hair at the ends? It shouldn't be, because it should've been considered during the interview. Mr. Shin explained a lot that led me to just say "OK" and left with cold heart. (Ang taray lang!) It's just normal. I was not satisfied and my time was wasted. I'm just a commuter you know, not only time was wasted but money also!

The Comeback

Right after I left the studio, Mr. Shin's assistant called many times which I was not able to answer. They asked me to just do the procedure again for free if I'm not satisfied. Did I triggered their conscience? Maybe, but I accepted their offer.

I just had this procedure I'm talking about 'today' so I don't know if it actually worked. After the second procedure, I can say it improved. The waves, though minimal, started at the lips level. It is loose, but at least it can be traced! I feel more kulot now. :)

Actually, it was just the staff who did the procedure again - Mr. Shin only put wax on my hair as finishing touch. There he was, cold. I actually don't like this type of comeback because of the treatment I expected they'll give me but overall, they are still accommodating. One even offered me drinks.

Here is a picture of my hair the night of the second procedure. I don't have camera, just used my laptop's.

Though the photo's in poor quality, you can tell the difference with my hair right?
The Rating

Overall, Beauty Brick does offer a good service and quality procedure (despite what happened to me, I can't say right now because it's too early). I read a lot of bloggers who were satisfied with the service and I really can tell Mr. Shin wants all of his customers happy and satisfied (refer to my 'The Comeback' section).

The price is also just right. Pricey for a normal person like me but definitely satisfying (well it depends on the person, but for most it is). The staff is accommodating. Mr. Shin is professional. Just show him the picture of the hair you wanted to have and he'll do it. He also knows a lot about the right product for your hair, the maintenance and the right treatment.
One can say he has studied through experience.

Will I go back? Yes of course, I'll go back to try their artistic haircut or another digital perming or natural perming.


If you want to have your hair curled, decide first what kind of curl you want to have. If you want to have defined curls, opt for the natural perming and not digital. Digital perming will make the curls loose.

  • Big curls will not last seriously but they are beautiful.
  • Medium curls do last for about a year. At beauty brick, they have two types of medium. They have the 'natural medium' and medium'. The rollers used in the first is a little bit bigger in size than the latter. They normally will just ask if it's big or medium or small.
  • All curls will be loose eventually, so you may start having small curls that will turn to medium curls through time OR have medium curls that will be loose into bigger curls.
  • Start the wave of the curl high in your head with lips level being the lowest. You don't want to pay for a curl that's only visible at the ends right? So why not have it higher to your face?

For digital perming's maintenance, I suggest you figured out the proper partitioning of the hair before you do the twist and scrunch. Bigger partitions will pull your hair and straightened your small curls so pick the right amount that's adjacent to the curl size.

  • Wax will give natural finish. Curl creams will give a defined finish - more of a 'wet' look.

Other maintenance tips will be given at the salon, if not - ASK for it! It's your hair anyway!

Until my next 'first time'


Beauty Brick Info
Location:Unit 103 Doña Consolacion Bldg., 122 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City, 1209
Contact Number: 0917 520 0044
From MRT EDSA-Buendia, Jupiter Street is already accessible. Just go straight in this street and once you see Petron, you are near the building.


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