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Residencia de Riego Part II

Sweet Nothings

Welcome back to Residencia de Riego!!

Through a voucher in Cash Cash Pinoy I was able to visit again this resort in Batangas. I grabbed along my friend Cath since the voucher is for four persons.

Reaching this resort is very easy, just 3 steps.

  1. From your home, take any ride to reach Gil Puyat, Buendia.
  2. From Gil Puyat Buendia, ride a Jam Liner bus going to Lemery Batangas and ask the driver to drop you at Muzon. (150.00)
  3. Ride a tricycle that will take you to Residencia de Riego. (60.00)

Note: The prices that I wrote are safe estimates because I can't remember how much it is exactly.

The bus ride is about 3 hours.

Bus Ride to Muzon
Sitting at the center of the back seats of the bus.

The setting did not change in the resort - really. However, most of the activities are not available. They said they are having a renovation but it seems a lie. Only the videoke and swimming pool are available for use. That's a total disappointment! I had the feeling that just because it is not peak season that's why they are limiting the activities.

Sitting pretty. There are only 4 groups of guests (I think) during our stay.
There are times we own the swimming pool.

Cath with the 5-6ft pool

Another rule with the voucher is that we cannot bring foods, but upon arrival at the resort they did not even checked our bags. We also saw other guests brought their own food. *Sigh But it's ok, it's this chance that we took to taste their restaurant's food.

The restaurant
View from the inside of the restaurant

Breakfast turned lunch

For the food, they are just fine. Nothing unique with the taste but I'll give them a PLUS on the serving - each looked like a meal for two people. The price is just right (what do you expect from resorts?!). It ranges from 130 - 600. For us, we just ate the breakfast meals for lunch and dinner because they are the cheapest on the menu! Haha!

Their camping site is still there. The stage which I saw on my first visit was gone.

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

I can say that our stay was relaxing because there's not much of activities, just sitting around and talking for hours, watching cable tv, eat and swim - Sarap buhay diba?! Oha! Feel at home ang peg! Their swimming pool is at its climax at 7PM - with matching fountain and colored lights.  I don't have pictures because I'm shy and conscious on other guests' eyes. I don't want to be tagged as 'Selfie Addict'. Haha! Can you tell that with my picture below? It's not even a proof! :p

Sweet Nothings

Sariling sikap mag-selfie. Our camera is not waterproof so we can only do shots like this.

sweet nothings

Another funny experience is the bottled water story. We asked the resto if they sell bottled water and for how much since the sari-sari store is already closed at the time. They offered us a 19 pesos - worth Absolute bottled water (the smallest size) for Php50.00 each. *Eyes-wide-open*  I reiterated what he said and verified if it is FIFTHEEN pesos or FIFTHY pesos, but my hearing's pretty clear to confirm it is fifthy. Of course we did not accept the offer and just went back to our room. We still have other option when the going gets tough - tap water. Haha!
Kuya might have thought we're an easy prey. :P 

At twelve noon the next morning we said goodbye. I was also surprised when we travelled back to Manila. From Muzon, we took a jeepney ride going to Lipa. I expected that the bus terminal is already there with just a few walk. However, all the bus terminals were transferred to SM so we had to ride again a multicab going to the location.

That pretty sums up this 1 1/2 day experience.  I'm pretty sure I'll be back here again but not now please! I'm hoping for improvements!

Glen :)

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