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I'm once part of a Very Ordinary Couple

A few days ago I stumbled upon a movie in a cable channel which tells about the ups and downs of a relationship. From an amateur to serious relationship, its stages and the different emotional battles a couple will undergo. I can relate big time because the same as the couple in the story, I too was in a relationship before with an officemate.

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This movie was a korean romantic comedy movie which entitled Very Ordinary Couple (also known as Temperature of Love) and was released in 2013 starring Kim Min-hee and Lee Min-ki. The story revolves around a couple which works at the same bank. From being madly in love with each other to breaking up, the couple showed the challenges of being able to see each other daily given the emotional barrier. The story goes and they eventually got back together. They are once again madly in love. They tried their very best to make it work, but it didn't. They decided to break up. After a few years, they saw each other again, and the story's implicative plot seems to point to another try in their relationship.

image grabbed from http://fims.kofic.or.kr/

Seeing this movie makes me cry. It clearly displayed the different emotions and challenges a person undergoes in a relationship. Love at first sight, being madly in love, for some reason it ended. Then it is one-sided, one still reaches for the other, stalk and silently do things to handle the situation. The struggle of deciding to move on and doing it. Then there's the second chance. Both of you are very anxious of making it work. Both of you are very careful in making mistakes with the fear of losing the person again, but it was so hard, so hard that you can't even breathe. It is so hard that there's not enough space in your mind to think. You'll undergo trust issues and try to solve things alone and eventually choose not to speak up. But when it is gone, it is gone. You'll both accept your mistakes and accept that you're not meant to be. You'll both decide that your relationship has come to the decision point and that's all it is.

I haven't experienced that point of relationship where both of you wholeheartedly accept that it’s the end for the two of you. But I'm pretty sure that when the time has come, God is in-charge.


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