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Soloista @ UDD Gig

Yeah, it was the night before the event when I knew of a Holiday Mini Concert by Up Dharma Down at Venice Piazza, the one located just in front of our office. I asked friends to come with me but as a rush request, they're all not available, I still pushed through since it's my chance already.

Two bands performed first - The Charmes and Yolanda Moon. I think it was until 8PM when UDD come up on stage. I was lucky enough to be in front of the stage but unlucky too to be in front of the speakers! I had a hand on my right ear all the time. 

I only got few pictures because of the lighting obstructions. Recording is also not good because I'm in front of the speakers so, yah, I only have their performance in my memory.

They performed some of their songs including (as I remember) Sana, Indak, Night Drops, Luna, Taya, Oo (they said it's already 11 yrs. old), Feelings and Turn it Well. There are songs I don't know and there are some sang in Japanese.

Armi is so beautiful in a dressed-down outfit. Itsurang pang-mall lang, pero ang ganda niya grabe! 

Is Armi shy in nature? I don't know but I can see a hint of it. 

While I was in the line..

Finally! I can say I'm half-certified fan just by having a picture with them!
Dine-in patrons are given priority in the photo-op, I also dined-in at Pugon but I guess it's not counted! Hmf! So the ending was we're the last of the line. Also because of that I was not able to get an autograph! Wala din kase akong kahit anong susulatan nila. haha! Anyway, there's always another time and I'll be sure present even if I'm alone! Haha!


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