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Days at Bantayan Island, Cebu

Note: This post is 2 years late and may not provide the necessary information needed as a guide in touring Bantayan Island.

All white and relaxing, the fine-white and powdery sand makes bed on my tired feet. The gentle waves touching the shore brings sweet music to my ears. The morning breeze felt like hugging me making me stay for a few more minutes. I waited for the clouds to steer clear of the rising sun, it's greeting me a good morning.

After hours of dancing in the sea, our group finally reached this heaven in far north of Cebu. Coming from a tiring day of celebrating with Cebuanos on the yearly Sinulog Festival, we're having a taste of heaven at Bantayan Island.

Alight the sturdy ferry vehicle that almost made me grab that life-vest due to heart-pounding tilts and sway, we felt rested and welcomed at Budyong Beach Resort. Our kubo is not beachfront, but only few steps and desperate heads will take you to the long stretch of beach on white-powdery sand.

See that stretch of sand? It curls up back to the beachfront kubos (making a U-shaped sandbar).
I just took the chance to emote. ;P
Touring Bantayan Town will need an hour of motor ride from where we rested. Visiting the public market is a must for cheap pasalubong compared when it's sold at Manila. With lots of choices of dried fish or squids, this surely made our families excited on every breakfast.

I was personally tired at this time already due to the half-day travel from Cebu City to Bantayan Island.
Imagine the jeepney ride from our hotel to Cebu North Terminal (30 mins), plus the 3 hours bus travel to Hagnaya Port, plus an hour of ferry ride to Sta. Fe, numbness filled my butt.

After buying goods at the market we went to tour the place even at night. The Bantayan Church laid in front of our eyes, but as expected, it's already closed. Passing by the Bantayan Townhall, the night made it look like a museum, so quiet and so few are around. Going back to our resort is a bit troublesome as there are a few public vehicles available when the time reaches 9PM. We negotiated on manong - a tricycle driver, who unfortunately was caught by a police officer for overloading (we're very sorry for that :< ).

The second day is the big day. We get to see the beautiful places around Bantayan Island.  Our group settled with a bangkero+tour guide that's why we don't really know the itinerary (because technically we didn't prepare one!).

We visited the Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort with it's different plant species, birds and monkeys. There's an entrance fee as I remember, not just sure how much. We also went to Virgin Island.

The Ogtong Cave is also inviting with a mini pool that's freezing cold. A Sto. Nino also lay inside. The place is just picturesque and so natural.  I should've done a quick dip if only there's more time.

Before going back to our boat we saw the wonderful and vast sea-view at the long stretch of Bantayan Island. Being at this side makes me want to stay and live on the very spot we're standing. Such a view will make you feel there's more to life than technology, it just takes the problems in you.

The day had passed but it is full of beautiful views and there's so much it can't fit all in my brain. I may not remember all the fantastic places but the feeling of being there will not fade away. It is kept in a treasure box and the photos that I have will remain its trigger.


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