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Checkpoint Meeting at Punta de Fabian

It's been two months since I left the previous company where I worked and since then, I missed hanging out with my close friends in the office. Such bond originated from being enclosed in a room for a specific project which requires its resources to be in a secured bay. We hated it at first, but now we preferred that kind of setup. And now, even if we're offices apart, we still meet and do checkpoint on each one's life and happenings. The first and most recent is at Punta de Fabian in Baras, Rizal.

Oh how I love that infinity pool's view!

I was always the person-in-charge in this kind of gathering because aside from them being busy, I'm the  'lakwatsera' type who always love to go to places. Questions like "San tayo next?", "Ui labas naman tayo, san maganda pumunta?", "Sama mo naman ako" haunts me every time. So I took the lead and searched for the nearest getaway (besides I don't want to waste rare long weekends).

I googled for nearby resorts who has infinity pool because shameless to say, I crave for such photogenic places! Who doesn't want to?! A series of expensive ones came in but Punta de Fabian is a middle-range type so I opted to pay a for a few more for this beautiful place. We had an overnight stay for a room with 3 beds and breakfast included.

Aside from the infinity pool, going there is very easy! It's just a one van ride from Starmall - Edsa Shaw. Just look for a van bound for Tanay and the driver can directly drop you off at the resort's gate by request, you just have to pay extra (us it's Php10) because the driver took a different route to Baras. Then upon arrival, a service will pick you up because going to the reception is a long way up of steep road up there. You don't want a surprise trekking right?

The room is fine, the bathroom has a heater and toiletries and towels are provided. Room is air conditioned and has a cable tv. Delivery of food to the room is not allowed. You may check their site for the room rates. What I also love is the view in front of our room that gave me a nice morning view. Such a lovely sight!

Food in the restaurant is not impressive, we actually planned to just bring our food for dinner but we failed to do so. Prices are for me a bit expensive considering that it's very ordinary and also, food choices are limited. Activities in the resort aside from swimming are the normals - table tennis, videoke and billiards. We played table tennis and billiards only because videoke is not free, you have to pay for it. Given that limited choices, we enjoyed it! I actually began to accept that I'm not good in billiards, every time I played I always lose. Haha!  Talk about the 'loser of them all'.

As we plan to bring food, we also have paper cups and I brought drinks, so we decided to play Beer Pong. We don't have a ping pong ball so we borrowed the one from the recreation area! Sssh! It was actually a successful abduction of the pingpong ball. Haha!

It was so much fun to play with your friends and getting them drunk every time you shoot a ball. It's like a subtle type of bullying where no one gets offended. Add up the party music and competitive players.

We had the infinity pool all by ourselves during that night. We talked about random, sensitive and even vulgar things. It was a nice conversation with drinks and you can talk about everything because no outsider's gonna hear you. Resort-owner feels!

The free breakfast is really good and the serving is good. It comes in a breakfast meal, fruits and choice of coffee/ice tea. I was happy with my bacon meal!

Aside from the infinity pool, there's a pool in front of the restaurant though we didn't get the chance to swim on it because of another group of visitors.

The checkout time of 12PM made me sad, it's not just a goodbye for the beautiful place but also a temporary goodbye for my friends/sisters.


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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