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Day 2: Leg Exercise at Sagada

So we were so groggy and still tired due to lack of sleep but we wake up at 5AM for what? For the sunrise view at Kiltepan Peak. Together with Angela and her boyfriend, we rented a multicab (costs Php500) to take us to the location, if not through this you got to walk around 1hr since it is far from town (From town going out, turn left when you see Petron). Since it's freaking cold (we couldn't even sit on the freezing toilet seat) we didn't took a bath. We just packed and go to get that sunshine!

Waiting for the sunrise

There are a lot of people on position waiting for the same thing when we arrived. Some even set their time-lapsed enabled camera for the sunrise and I also saw a few who biked up to this hill. I wondered if they rented their mountain bikes or brought it here in Sagada. Anyway, we pretty much set ourselves on a good spot and waited for about an hour but we didn't catch it peaking. Dark's gone but there's no sun yet. As we were already shivering with Angela and I wearing shorts (I know I didn't packed smart), we decided to call it a morning. As we were driving back to town we agreed to meet again after lunch because the jeepneys going to Banggaan (for Bomod-Ok Falls) were scheduled at 2PM. In the middle of conversation our driver offered us a service to Bangaan (costs Php650) and a free tour in Echo Valley + Hanging Coffins. It's actually because we didn't want to hire a guide for Echo Valley (which they said is 'required') but I planned to do it ourselves. We accepted the offer since it's free and we still have time.

The path to Echo Valley starts from the St. Mary's Episcopal Church.

From the church, just go straight until you see the stairs, go there and turn left. It is a straight path going to the cemetery. We pass through the cemetery and there's a pathway to the left which will lead to the Echo Valley. As its name suggests, the place will echo whatever you shout.. but we did not try it. We just enjoyed the view of tall and rocky mountains with deep forests. Hanging Coffins is also viewable from there. We decided to see it up close.

Can you see the Hanging Coffins?

Hanging Coffins is a short trek downwards. The steps are pretty big and steep which needs a lot of leg strength - Leg in Action Part I. Nonetheless, it's an easy trek for mountaineers.

Hanging Coffins are early burial customs of people of Sagada. In fetal position, the dead are believed to being much closer to God when placed in higher places like the cliff.

We didn't stay long. Our guide says if we move forward we could see the underground river and the Bokong Falls (also known as Small Falls) but we decided to go back and take a rest.

Going back, we solve our stomach problems first - BREAKFAST! Yeah, totally hungry. It's a good thing we have cup noodles and wheat bread on our groceries. Then top it off with a 2 hour sleep - HEAVEN!

Oops! Forget about the Heaven - I think this was an interrupted relaxing feeling because of the leg pain that we got from our caving activity. A 2 hour sleep won't get this fixed so amidst our physical difficulties we woke up (heavily) and took our lunch and also to buy souvenirs.

Lunch at Strawberry Cafe

Their homemade yoghurt is a must-try - Really yummy with real strawberries.

Souvenirs are priced reasonably. One can buy bonnet for as low as Php50.00. Refrigerator magnets are priced 3 for Php100 or Php35 each. There are also woven sling bags for Php250 and above. T-shirts can be as low as Php150.00 depending on the design.

Leg Exercise Part 2 - Bomod-ok Falls

Tours in Sagada really requires physical action since it is more of natural attractions that you have to exert effort before you see it. It is not for people who wants a relaxing and non-tiring vacation - not for attraction-viewing-only type of persons. If you're not up for adventure, better stay in Sagada town, enjoy the cold weather and do food tripping instead because you surely will not like a 1-2 hours trek to Bomod-ok falls. Nope nope nope, not that it requires a mountaineer's skills to get through this activity, it is a simple long walk (I say walk because most of the path one will take is paved) that will test your endurance. Get your legs ready because most of it are STAIRS. Sorry stairs, you just made us hate you a bit.

Jump off point is at Barangay Bangaan on an open court. Guides are available here for Php500.00 (for a group of 4). There's also a Php10.00/head environmental fee. We had a female honest tour guide. Yeps, Honest, because she won't even lie when it is still far from our destination. No "malapit na", " lang" - she'll tell you if it's still far or not and that's one motivating guide. Just kiddin'. Anyway, during the trek, it was a simple follow the leader thing. 

 During this time, I got busy in taking pictures and videos. The scenery is of course, another thing to look forward. Those beautiful rice terraces that you will see from a far will be up close in a matter of minutes. There are rain showers from time to time but we didn't worry since it's water we're after. We passed through a village wherein we need to pay for the registration (Php10.00). I think it was 30mins-1 hour from the falls.

The registration area

We descended and descended and walk on stairs and passed by a river, and there it is, hidden on a curved pathway - the  Big Falls , Bomod-Ok Falls. The water is abundant that time and it was freezing cold that one needs bravery to put his feet on the pool. We don't want to miss this chance, so we got 4 brave people on the water. (Deserves an award)

Good thing I wore double tops, I just removed my wet tee and wear back my sweater. Though I got wet shorts and undies, I know it'll dry up before we get back to town.

So there, it was about 6PM when we got back. Bruised and tired, we went to our respective hotels without even bidding good bye. As soon as we're back we cleaned up and took some rest before going out again for dinner.

I know my legs gonna hate me for this for not giving them a break but I pleaded to let my mouth taste some wonderful dishes. We picked Lemon Pie House. We arrived earlier than 7PM which is good since it gets full at night. I ordered a breakfast meal while a chicken-curry for my friend. We tried their famous lemon pie too.

From left to right, Cheese Omelette, Chicken Curry, Lemon Pie

Their dishes are great, well, it's what I can say with just our 2 orders. Serving is also good, they're very generous with rice and the curry justifies itself. My cheese on egg scramble on the other side is just fine.

The verdict: we didn't like the lemon pie. For me it tastes like candy and it lacks body (mahangin, too light). Well that's for me.

Going back with me on shorts again, and it is raining and cold, we got some hot coffee and chocolate from Sagada Brew. Price ranges from 100-500. There are solo travelers we saw earlier and I don't know but it's like automatic to relate them in the movie 'That Thing Called Tadhana'. Hahaha! I was just thinking it was their inspiration and what has encouraged them to visit Sagada (just like Angela). Anyway, It was a nice chat over hot drinks on a cold weather - perfect moment to end our last night in Sagada.

It was 10PM when we got back. Tired but fulfilled, we felt that we did what we need to do in Sagada. Yes there's still a lot to look for in this awesome place but that's what 'going back' is for right? I'm sure to be back on this place even if doing it solo (walang forever ang peg!).

Until my next post,


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.


  1. Your photos are lovely! Didn't realize Lemon Pie House was that cozy at night! We visited that resto around noon. :D

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Correct! "Into the woods" ang setting. ;)


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