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S.N. Updates: Thoughts in the sleepy afternoon


Every morning, I wake up to take a bath and rush to the office. I’ll look for breakfast, either just buying from MiniStop, McDonalds, Family Mart or my packed breakfast of bread and cereals. Even the morning songs on my iPod are always the Up Dharma Down or Paramore album. I have my whole morning trying to get the hype of working but it always come in the afternoon.

When 7PM ticks in, I check out of the office and go to nearby malls to roam around until my boyfriend joins me for dinner. What’s next is we simply go home and battle the evening traffic.

This happen almost every day. Excluding the time with my bf, everything is turning into a routine and I feel like time passes by so quickly that I’ll be surprised it’s my birthday already. I feel like aging on a glimpse with nothing big to look back. Unless I have travels in between which is difficult to have with the amount of travel savings I have (sometimes none). Nonetheless, I think it is my employment slavery that locks me in a corporate building full of professional people spending their life in satisfying clients, which eats most of my day, my life, because in 4 ½ years of service, I was thinking, what have I done? I feel mortified to know there’s not much and it left me crying for Justice.

Today’s thought, what can I do to give every day a memorable experience? Should I change career?
Should I join a new activity, community or a beauty contest? Should I spend and travel? Should I use a vacation leave every week to lessen the working days?
Until now, I don’t know how to solve this dilemma in me that even solving it would spend some time. Maybe I should just take a nap and watch One Piece. I don’t want to stress myself. Not today.

Animal Lover

Recently I’ve been doing One Piece marathon because unlike most of the people of the world, I’m too late on the latest episode. I’m still at an episode somewhere in 190+ and it is freaking far from the 600+ current episode number but I didn’t worry too much, because like a chocolate-from-the-refrigerator-thief, I can quickly turn down most of the episodes in one day.. and one night!

I’m still at the part wherein the Straw Hat Pirates reach the SkyPiea and in the Upper Yard where the City of Gold resides, a monstrous snake lives. It was unlikable at first because it ate Luffy, but when the anime showed the background of that snake, his moment when he was young and his owner is the late Calgara, I was moved..it was so touching I almost cried, I was left concerned on its survival. This maybe my heart telling me, snakes are animals too and I love animals. :P

Fashionista’s Dilemma

Did you ever experience getting problematic over what to wear every fucking day? I did, and it haunts me until now. There are times when you feel like going into skirts and dresses, you feel like having a beautiful day but you just can’t because there’s still hair on your legs or you still have scars. Those physical limitations that you have sometimes ruin your plan. There may be times when you just can’t pick one because you have recently wore it and your colleagues will remember that and you think they’ll have the impression you don’t have enough clothes. You have enough, but you just don’t find one as stunning as it was before when you have already worn it. Me, I even spend one hour staring in my closet and deciding what to wear. The ending – I’ll go on the safe clothes, the one that isn’t noticeable but is comfortable then I’ll plan to glam up some other day. When that day comes, I’ll spend hours again on deciding that’ll eventually lead me to a dress up I didn’t totally love. Comfort zone, it is. Maybe I should get a stylist?


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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