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DIY Itinerary: Sagada

Hello there! This is my first attempt to post a do-it-yourself itinerary and it is for Sagada so I hope it helps even just a bit. All that is posted here is based on my experience and/or research.

When to go?

It was October this year when I first laid my eyes on Sagada. October is a rainy month so I suggest to start bagpacking in this place November up to end of June.

Where to stay?

There are lots of homestays in the stretch of Sagada South road. Here are my only options when I planned for this vacation, just because I'm in a budget :P :

Residential Lodge
400/head per night
Private Room
Common CR
Others: Free Wifi
Contact: Mary Daoas 09296257419; 09196728744

George Guesthouse (Our pick)
300 per person per night
Private Room
Own CR
Others: Free use of kitchen, utensils, water
Contact: (63) 918-548-0406 and(63) 920-948-3133 (Look for Ate Dora)

The rooms are clean and neat and doesn't look cheap - it is like your typical Pinoy home.

How to go?

Depending in your earliest availability to catch up bus schedules, you can go to Sagada by choosing one of the following routes:

Manila - Baguio - Sagada
Victory Liner (Cubao) has buses bound for Baguio and departs every hour until midnight. Travel time is 5-6 hours. It costs Php450. Upon arrival at Baguio, take a cab going to GL Trans Terminal in Dangwa, it is just about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.
GL Trans has buses bound for Sagada and leaves earliest 6:30AM. Travel time is 6 hours. It costs Php230. I suggest you arrive early since buses become full quickly.

Manila - Sagada
Coda Lines from LRT2 Legarda Terminal has buses that goes straight to Sagada. Last trip is 8PM with travel time of 12 hours. It costs around Php800.00.

Manila - Banaue - Bontoc - Sagada
Ohayami Bus near UST Lacson Ave. cor Fajardo Street has buses bound for Banaue and leaves 10PM at night. It cost around Php470 and is a 9 hours trip.
From Banaue, one can take either a van, bus or jeepney going to Bontoc. Fare is roughly Php120-150.00. The jeep leaves 8:30 AM while the buses leaves 12 in the afternoon. It is a 2-hours ride.

From Bontoc, it is a 45-minutes jeepney ride that leaves every 30 minutes starting 8:30am. It costs Php45.00. You can choose to top load if you want to see the beautiful sceneries or just the experience of it.

What to do?

Hanging Coffins

There are lots of natural attractions in Sagada. Often sold in packages, one can juggle these activities and schedule it himself. Guides are available on Sagada Town Hall registration office or at SAGGAS office along Sagada road.

In Town:

St. Mary's Episcopal Church - Echo valley Tour - Hanging Coffins (Rate: 400 for 4 people)
These three can be combined since it is close to each other. You will pass by the church when you go to Echo Valley, they say tour guide is required but if you've been here before, I don't think you need one because the way is already established. Going to Echo Valley is a short trek down the hill. The stairs are already paved so there's no problem. Hanging Coffins is viewable from Echo Valley but you can go up close to see it.

I know it's blurry, but it's still beautiful

Here's a guide showing the pathway from the church up to Hanging Coffins - I know it is not that helpful but at least you could see that they are near each other. You can spend at least 2 hours for this activity or a half day.

Map from http://overpass-turbo.eu/ which I knew in one of the blogs I can't remember. Sorry. No pun intended.

Lumiang Cave Entrance, deep down that black opening is the entrance

Underground River and Bokong-Falls
Bokong Falls is also called as Small falls. From Hanging Coffins just go straight and you will see these two. We didn't went here so this is also a bucket list item for me.

As I remember, our guide (which is required) from SAGGAS office said there are 4 caves in Sagada two of which are famous for the spelunking Activity - the Lumiang Cave and Sumaguing Cave. One can choose to tour only one of them or traverse them. You don't have to worry how to get here because your guide will take you there, it is near the town by the way. You would spend half a day for this activity, either morning or afternoon, both are good.

@ Sumaguing Cave

Sumaguing Cave Tour (Rate: 800/guide - max of 10 people)
Sumaguing Cave is famous for its beautiful rock formations. It looks like it's made of sand because of its color. There are lots of water everywhere - pool-like and mini falls - so beautiful! Oh, just be careful with the white rocks because it's very slippery. Proper footwear is a must.

Cave Connection (Rate: 400/head)
Cave connection is a spelunking activity traversing from Lumiang Cave to Sumaguing Cave. It is an extreme activity which requires entering small openings and bending over here and there to fit in each entry. There are scary steep drops and water pool. Rappelling is also an important part of this activity so prepare your mind and body when you pick this one. It is best done in the morning but afternoon is also just fine.

Ganduyan Museum
Ganduyan Museum is located in front of the townhall. For the taste of Sagada's history this is a must. It also has a shop beside it selling souvenirs - Ganduyan Souvenirs. Entrance fee is 50.00, opens at 8AM and closes at 5PM.

Food Trip
Tagged as an activity, the different restauraunts in Sagada are worth the try. Each one offers delicious food at a reasonable price. Plus! One is accessible from the other since it is one-way road. Read my post here to know where you'll start.

Needs Service:

Sunrise at Kiltepan Peak : automatically done in the morning. From town you can rent a multicab (costs Php500) or bike or walk for 2 hours. I personally think this doesn't need a guide because the way to go here is very simple. As early as 4:30AM, go out of town and turn left when you see the Petron gasoline station. From there it is a one way straight unpaved road.

Not the sunrise, but a breathtaking view.

Orange Picking: I didn't visit the Orange Farm so I don't have the details for this. This is located in Rock Inn Café. For 50.00, one can pick and eat orange as long as he wants. You can also buy the oranges for Php60.00 per kilo. They say December is the best time to eat the oranges.

Bomod-Ok Falls
This falls, termed as Big Falls, is a beautiful 200 ft. high falls with a water basin on the end. It is best to swim in here because it'll surely refresh your tiring 1-2 hours trek on paved stairs.

Bomod-Ok Falls
With jump-off point at Barangay Bangaan, one needs to travel 30minutes - 1 hour from Sagada Town. There are public jeepneys (Php20.00) that departs from Sagada town hall, earliest at 8:30AM but please do ask the locals because sometimes they are scheduled half day - 2PM. The only disadvantage in choosing this route is that it is difficult to find a jeepney going back. You can also rent a multicab or jeepney. Guides are available and are required at the open court where your service will take you, there is an environmental fee and a registration fee in a village that you will pass by.
Travel: Estimated Php50.00 if through public transportation OR
650.00 roundtrip if through private service.
10.00 Envrionmental Fee
10.00 Registration Fee
500  Guide Fee (4 persons)

Pongas Falls
Another falls which needs a service in order to reach the jump off point. I didn't try this so I don’t know the whereabouts. You may read this post of Ann if you want to know more. 

Lake Danum
Lake Danum has the best sunset view. It is a 2 hours walk from the town hall or you could also rent a vehicle for this. Some do overnight camping or picnic in this place.

Sagada Weaving and Sagada Pottery
If you want to see how local products in Sagada are created you can visit this place which you will pass by when going to Lake Danum. You could already buy products for pasalubong.

Other activities which I wanted to try:
Marlboro Country: costs Php500.00 per head and also needs a service.
River Rafting: costs Php3,500 per head.

Where to Eat?
You can read my post here for some of the food stores that I've tried.

Here are important numbers that I got from research prior to reaching Sagada:
Tourism Information Center: +63 999 400 0088
Municipal Tourism Office: +63 999 991 1801
Office of the Mayor: +63 999 991 1800
Sagada PNP: +63 908 225 8115

For my trip's actual itinerary and expenses, I'll be posting it separately.

  • In putting up your itinerary, consider your travel time and accommodation. It is so that you could already start touring places which are near your chosen accommodation and  it will save you time. Also, consider joining tours with other tourist if you lack in numbers, it will save you a lot of money plus you'll gain new friends. 
  • Wear your smile always. Bawal ang snob. 
  • Pack smart. Sagada has a cold weather so bring something to keep you warm and covered. 
  • Bring food for breakfast or snacks. I know one can just go out and eat in a restaurant but this will save you from hunger if in case you run out of time.
  • Ask the locals. They know best among all of the information posted in the internet!

Until my next post,


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.


  1. Hi! How do you join tours? We'll go to Sagada only as a couple so we'd want to join tours to cut costs :) thanks!

    1. We basically joined tours by making friends :D
      But there are tours for joiners organized by Travel Groups or Agency. There's a lot of them in Facebook. :)


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