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Tips on How to Pack Light

Now that I’m into another trip, I’ve taken a minute to think how was I as a packer? Looking back, I usually bring two bags, one big bag to carry my clothes and another shoulder bag which carries the important things like wallet, camera, cellphone and others that should always be with me. I never had worries of running out of clothes because I always pack options. When I say options, I always pack extra things that I thought I can make use of in my destination – say about being a FASHIONISTA? Thus, sadly, I begin to realize I am not a light packer. Travelling light is always on my head but I never did follow it. With that, let me share with you what I considered when I was packing my things, I know credibility is not mine but this post is a kind of reminder also for myself, I’ll just read this through whenever I pack things:

1.  Know your itinerary

Knowing where to go and what activities to do means knowing what to wear. This means wearing the proper attire and the comfort level comes in. Also, it is important to know that there are conservative countries where showing skin is not permitted or other rules that place may have. It is important to know so you won’t also spend extra for being unprepared. Ok, that’s a lot of KNOW

2. Take one of everything

Now that you know where and what you’ll be doing, take only one set of clothes for that activity. Take one set of pajamas, one pair of shoes, one set of casual wears, one set of swimwear. Getting confused on what exactly you want to wear? Decide NOW which would make you feel more comfortable! You won’t have a choice afterwards because that’s the only clothes you have so be sure you’re choosing clothes you like. Also, consider the frequency of changing clothes every activity. Would you change costume for every activity or destination? Nah!! Probably you’ll wear just one set for the whole day!

3. Consider reusing or washing

There are clothes which serves multipurpose and can be worn on different occasions. Like wearing a sweater for cold nights or wearing it as cover-up on swimsuits. Denim can be worn more than once/twice depending on how you use it, but it does not easily worn out or get dirty. Scarfs are great deals because it can be worn as skirt, dress and shirt and can be used as blanket or towel. :P Sleepwear or pajamas can be worn more than once because..who gets dirty while sleeping? If you have an accessible sink in your destination, you can also wash clothes and let it air dry. This is ideal for more than a week of vacation.

4. Consider weight

The things you pack are the things you’ll bring so be sure every item is light enough for you to carry. Every time I choose clothes or let’s say a top, I always check if it will fit well in my bag and if it’s not heavy itself. There are materials which are naturally heavy, like denim, wool and knit. Satin, silk and cotton are light fabrics.

5. Don’t forget the ‘musts’

Done with the clothes. What are the other things you can’t go without? Think about it and weigh out, do you really NEED it? If you say, you can’t sleep without bringing your own pillow then it’s accepted, just know you’ll need room for it. The important things are no other than the ‘must have documents’ - permits, passport, itinerary!, tickets. Make room for emergency stuffs like first aid kit, vinegar (:P beachin?), and medicine. Adding up at least biscuits is one of my emergency stuff because it is an emergency when I get hungry!

So there, tips that will help us all in packing light for our travels. Could you share more? Share it below. :)

Note: All pictures in this post are not mine.


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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