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Boracay: Our Hunt for the Cheapest Activity Package

Flyfish, Parasailing, Helmet Diving and more. These are few of the vast list of activities to be done in Boracay and these are some of our anticipated activities for our 3 full-days vacation. Since our activities are quite a lot, we expected we'll shell out a big part of our budget to this, BUT! But but but, we found a package that will fit in our pockets - Five activities for Php 3000.

Part of our preparation (and everyone else) is to look for a contractor for our activities. Online you will find a lot of websites offering activities that you can book ahead but expect the prices are more expensive plus additional fees. We initially contacted a coordinator online, whom was suggested by an online blog, and he gave us a pretty good price but for four activities only. So we're still not contented since our list contains 5.

On our first day at Boracay, we opted to look around for a much cheaper package, and mind you it's not hard. There are lots of people, locals to be exact, who offer packages on each station. They are the ones who just have a picture of their offers and asks every people passing by if they already booked an activity. Don't doubt them, because most of them are the ones who will give you the cheapest price!   They are like agents, and unlike packages that you can avail in your hotels, their offers are negotiable, you can haggle - considerably. IMPORTANT: Don't haggle too much, it's their only source of income.

We hopped from one to another, comparing their prices on our desired list until an old short man talked to us. He's Kuya Enteng and he offered us the cheapest price, flat rate of Php 3000 for our 5 activities. Additional 200 if we want a lunch included in our island hopping. He's one of the agents of Shingley.

The five are not just low rate activities, if you purchase it individually it will cost you 4000 pesos.

The five activities in this package are the following:


Jetski is one of the most expensive activity on the list. It cost more than Php 2000 and for a half an hour use. A boat will take you on a floating station a little far from the beach, here is where the jetskiis are situated. A guide will teach you how to run the jetski on your first round, then you are all by yourself.

Jetski is actually not part of our initial list but due to weather conditions, we selected it instead of our most anticipated activity - Parasailing (it's ok, there's always a next time).

Tip: Don't help other jetskiiers when their jetski stopped. A crew will come and assist them so don't waste your 30mins on them.


The most enjoyable of them all! A wide inflatable shaped like a kite and capable of six will provide you the most exciting activity in Boracay (so far with my experience). A speedboat will pull this boat against the wind that will make the boat fly. So tighten that grip if you don't want to be evicted to the sea!

Tip: At the middle is the safest position.. But it's good to be thrown out sometimes.

Helmet Diving

Another activity which is not tiring. You'll be submerged 14ft below the sea wearing a pressurized helmet. Assisted by a diver/photographer, you will be surrounded by little and mid-size colorful fishes! Just bear with the slow and floating motion.

Island Hopping

One we did not enjoy much. Islands to be visited are around 3 and still conditional because it depends on the weather. I remember we only visited 2 islands, where Puka Beach does not belong!

Snorkeling is actually enjoyable as the corals and fishes are abundant. I just hate the big waves that time.

There are extra fees like snorkeling fee, snorkeling mask fee and Crystal Cove entrance which are all optional.


Rider pegs. Good for everyone I think since ATVs are easy to operate. A shuttle from station 3 will take you to the ATV station where you will practice around 2 rounds of operating the machine. Then you will be guided all the way up to a viewdeck (additional entrance fee of 120) where you will see a 360 degree view of Boracay. Kite Surfers from Bulabog beach is viewable from this area.

Other activities in Boracay that sparked our interest are the Boracay Pub Crawl, Cliff Diving from Ariel's Point and Sunset sailing. There are lots and lots of activities to be done, but for me there should still be a day where you'll just lie around the beach doing nothing.. Relaxation at doing nothing is still the best and cheapest activity!

You may contact Kuya Enteng through:

Enteng Clemente - 09098179873

*Note: Some of the photos are of credits to Rona.

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    1. yes. Optional: add 200 for lunch on the Island Hopping package.

  2. Wow that's a very reasonable price for all 5 activities. We'll be going there tomorrow. Hope we can see Mr. Clemente there to assist us. Thank you for sharing your experience. It's very helpful.

    1. Hi thanks for the tips! Yuri where you able to locate Mr Teng? Same price?

  3. Hi, so the best recommendation to search for cheap water activities package is when you are at boracay beach itself?

    1. With our experience yes. We initially booked a tour that I saw on some blog, texted him but cancelled it when we found a much cheaper price at Boracay.

  4. Hi im Karen here..I would like to findoutmoreon water activities that i can join on 16th June next week and thepricing as well..Thanks

  5. can someone please post a phone number for the people offering these great deals. it would be truly appreciated. thank you.

    1. It's posted there. Enteng Clemente - 09098179873

  6. Thanks for sharing this.. iT helps our TRIP..

  7. may parasailing po ba sila?

    1. Yes meron! Yun dapat kukunin namin kaso di pede sa weather that day. :) Yung Jetski yung ipinalit.


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