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Subic's Tree Top Adventure

With friends, Jay, Cath and Aiko.

We planned but it did not push through. Our laziness eventually led us to a new destination far from the original. It made us spend more hours sleeping on the car, but it only recharges us for pretty exciting activities. I was still sleepy when I saw “Tree Top Adventure” on a welcome arc we’re entering. It was when I saw a pair of ladies standing on a platform that is sliding up and down when it came to my senses; I’m already in Subic. Whuuut! “Wake up Glens!” says my brain.

OK! I’m not that really excited to do this, but based on my very short list of destinations (which composed of only two btw), Tree Top Adventure in Subic (or Baguio) comes second. Hahaha! But this kind of location isn’t accessible for me if I didn’t have my friends’ car to the rescue and I thank him for that! This kind of location definitely needs a ride. 

So what’s in Tree Top Adventure? Tree Top Adventure is a nature park which offers different exciting rides using their engineering background and expertise. It has two branches, one in Baguio and one in Subic. 

Together with my friends, we did the first activity – to EAT. It was scorching hot in the afternoon but we barely feel it due to our starving. There’s only one restaurant here – the Kawayan Kitchen. They offer mostly Filipino foods at an affordable price and they serve it in bamboos. There are staffs who will take a picture of you holding a bamboo with the restaurant’s name printed on it. They will sell it you together with a picture frame once it is printed. It’s Php 200. I was actually surprised for the price since we can have our photos taken through our phone camera but..we bought it. Patak-patak nalang. Ewan ko rin ba ano pumasok sa isip namin non.

By the way, we bought our tickets, (tickets I mean, for the activities) before we took lunch. We all took the 2nd package I think composing of the following which costs 600:

  •    Canopy Ride
  •    Superman
  •    Trekking
I was the only one who braved to take the Tree Drop for another Php 150.00. For the rates and packages, you may check their website.

Canopy Ride
Nothing much of a fancy. You’ll just sit there and watch the trees beneath. You’ll be transferred to four stations. For the last station, you’ll have to walk through the bridges until you get back the starting point, and it’s not that far.

Tree Drop
This, made me yell awkwardly on an increasing voice with an unexpected stop in the end. Bitin kung baga. Tree drop is an activity wherein you’ll just basically be hanged suspending from a 60-feet tree and you will be drop surprisingly. Nah! Not actually surprising because that’s what you expect in the first place, you’ll just be surprised because it is surprising! Gets?!

(video to follow)

I kept my eyes closed all the time, it just opened when I’m already done. Ambilis niya, mga 5 seconds lang! and I realized, ganon lang kabilis ang mafi-feel mo bago ka mamatay.

Cath enjoying the water vine

This is a fun walk through the woods with a guide introducing the kind of trees in their forest (Boton forest) and its uses which as of now, I already forgotten. I’m bad at memorizing names. At the last stop we were taught how to create fire out of bamboos and how to look for water vines. We also had the chance to actually do the action of creating fire, but none of us succeeded. It only took 30 mins for the whole trek.

Jay in action

Our guide also suggested trying their Survival Camping which is an overnight camping in the woods and you will be taught how to create your own utensils and use them.

For our last activity, we had to walk back to the welcome arc to do this, because that’s where the starting point lies. This is the most enjoyable I must say, though I haven’t tried all. You’ll be lied down on your stomach (supermanish) with one horizontal bar on your chest and one on your feet to rest on. It’s the usual straight zipline, but you’ll be pulled back and forth.

Overall, Tree Top Adventure is pretty good in filling up your idle time and squeezing out the sweat in you. The set of activities are enough to fill up a day and prices are comparably low to others. It's a four hours ride from Manila and that's acceptable for a fun-filled area bounded by trees and fresh air!

How to go to Tree Top Adventure in Subic:
From NLEX, take the San Fernando Exit. Go along Tipo-Subic Expressway, Maritan Highway and Argonaut Highway. Turn left on Aparri Road.


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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