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Three Falls in One Day for 520 Pesos

Hulugan Falls | Photo c/o Rona

Three falls in one day, how's that for chasing waterfalls?

This plan initiated just three days ago and brought a group of 4 beautiful ladies. :P Plan is to spend less than a thousand with all the fees, transportation and food included. I said, it is possible!

Destination is at San Salvador, Luisiana in Laguna where Hulugan Falls is located. Our guide said that this falls just got famous November last year.

Waking up at our call time of 4AM was a nightmare. I planned to depart at that time so that we wouldn't catch the influx of tourist but I came at HM Transport Terminal Cubao at 5:30AM. Shame on me! Ako pa nagsabing 4AM! I just wished we will not be stuck in traffic to compensate for our late departure. When we woke up, it was near Sta. Cruz Laguna, we slept for about 2 1/2 hours.. Pambawi sa aming mga puyat na katawan. It was 9AM when we reached Sta. Cruz. We took the jeepney going to Luisiana and alighted at San Salvador by 9:30AM. We went straight to registration area.

There's a lot of people when we reached the registration area. Families and group of friends, all looking forward for Hulugan Falls. Registration fee is Php 15.00. A guide was assigned to us on our way to registration area. Food, slippers and souvenirs - all available at the registration site.

Our first stop is at Talay and Hidden Falls, Hulugan Falls will be last. It is in your discretion if you want to visit the other falls or just the Hulugan Falls.

There's minimal traffic during the trail, first is because there are lots of trail and second is not all people will go to the same falls, some will go to Hulugan Falls first - which is of different route. It took us an hour to go there.

Expect river crossing, muddy, sometimes rocky and steep trail.
When the trail is rocky it means you're near a falls.
Before Talay falls is a flat and wide grass ground where one can set camp and eat. There's also tables available near Talay Falls which is shaded by the tall trees. Here is where we ate our packed lunch.

Yum-yum. We chose to eat first before going near the falls.
Photo c/o Rona

Talay Falls is a small one, but is beautiful and surrounded by trees and is located under a beautiful mountain opening. Going near is a mix of leg stretching and balance.

Going up to Talay Falls
Talay Falls | Photo c/o Rona

Standing on the edge where the water drops is a little scary, because falling is not just a body pain, but is also a shame, RE: the falls is in front of the tables where others eat.

Hidden Falls is located above Talay Falls, so it means the same water flow from them. To go there, you will be guided to scramble on the big (and a little slippery) rock boulders on the right, going up with matching rappelling. All those dangerous and scary height will be worth it when you see the Hidden Falls. The name is just right with its beautiful water curtains, fast and cold mist with mystery-combined location.

The way up to Hidden Falls
Hidden Falls peeking at us
Hidden Falls at Laguna

  After these two falls, we went to Hulugan Falls which is 30mins - 1 hour away. It was a continuous way down passing by the forest. During this time we were thankful to have taken the Hulugan Falls last because if not we will be climbing the trail up to Talay-Hidden Falls which will probably cut our legs off.

Ahhh! The giant falls! It was so huge you'll get wet with sole mist. You can't even keep your eyes open while getting near.

Our first impression was - "Ang daming tao!" (There's a lot of people!). The falls is still hidden on the big rock boulders and getting near will give you the full view. So much for the words, let the pictures wow you.


See the small cave near the falls?

Albeit the number of photobombers, we still get a chance to take solo pictures. I was there wiping the camera to get a clear picture without the water droplets. 

Apparently there's still water on my lenses but it still gave me an acceptable shot

So much for the fun, the way back is a short but very steep trail requiring big steps. It was also muddy and rocky. The ice cream bell got us pumped up when we heard it on top. Ahh! But we were fooled, reaching the top is not yet it, we still have 15mins-30mins to go. The way is half cemented as they are planning to build a road that will reach the resting station (where there's the Ice cream seller). They also said they're planning to open their nearest cave for the tourist. That's a good plan to give work for the locals, but I hope it will be implemented without ruining our nature.

The adventure is not yet over, as I'm on the hunt for the trip going back to our home at Cavite. From Sta. Cruz Laguna, it took me 4 hours! Laguna-Cavite. Ugh!!!! There's a van terminal near the HM transport terminal at Sta. Cruz Terminal, the van's route is going to Dasmariñas, Pala Pala. But when I got there, there's no van! Someone instructed me to just take the GMA Cavite Jeepneys from Calamba Laguna instead of waiting for the van stuck in traffic in Los Baños. So I went to Calamba which is 2 hours away, then took the jeepney going to GMA. From GMA market, I took the jeepney going to Pala Pala, then from there I can manage to go home. Four hours, that got me sick and sleepy. So much for the waterfall chasing, it was a fun-filled activity! Our weekend is definitely not wasted! :)

Planning your trip? Here's a breakdown of  expenses and suggested itinerary:

It costs us 700 overall if including food and other transpo to-and-from Cubao, which is a variable.

Some tips:

  1. Wear trekking sandals - good for dry and wet trail.
  2. Bring packed lunch and TRASH BAG! LEAVE NO TRACE.
  3. Expect a lot of tourists, unless you are so are so early in Hulugan  Falls (about 5:30 or 6:30AM) then you can get the falls all to yourself.
  4. Eat at the campsite, it is perfect for picnic.
  5. There's NO FIXED RATE for the tour guide.

That's all from our experience. Until our next biglaang gala, with LOVE from me and my friends, M,N and R.

Photo c/o Rona


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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