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Boracay's Helmet Diving

One of the enjoyable things to do at Boracay is to try the Helmet Diving. A short and close encounter with fishes is a fun thing to do; it gives you the feeling of being in a big aquarium. Price ranges from 500-800 and it is a 30 minutes dive to Boracay's White Beach.

A pump boat will take you to the floating station not far from White Beach. Here a guide will brief you to the hand signals and other stuffs. He will act as your guide and photographer.

Picture for the CD Cover
One by one, the members will be submerged and pulled down in the water. Once you reach the seabed, it's time to mingle with the fishes. XD
This is my first time of using my GoPro Hero 4 underwater so as I hold my helmet, my other hand is holding the camera.
Aha! Not much corals, the sea floor is technically bare. Fishes, white and stripes, some colored ones, will come to you. Technically it's hard to move, plus you have to keep your helmet from rising.

Lone time with the fishes. The guide will ask you to compress to have a group picture and it's like a slow-motion video, every step you make will take you 3 seconds!

One picture of kneeling then solo pictures.
The guide will give you bread for fish feeding. By then your helmet window will be covered by lots of hungry fish!

I can't see my face.
I was still having fun when one of my friend decided to be pulled up. And as the others followed, I followed too. It is just when we came up when we knew it's not our time yet! My friend decided to ascend because he finds his helmet heavy. Aww! Anyway, we're all back to the station so we'll just have to linger on our videos if we want more.

Overall, that short time underwater is fun and a must try! This is something that I won't get tired of repeating when I came back to Boracay.

The videos and photos will be saved in a CD that you will take home
We availed this activity in one package from Shingley Helmet Diving and Tours. You may contact Kuya Enteng to ask for the latest rate:
Enteng Clemente - 09098179873

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