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Our Boracay Itinerary and Tips

Boracay, the ever famous Boracay, has come to our skin and touch us with its flickering beauty. Last February, we experienced it and proved everyone's testimony about Boracay - it's a fun summer destination!

Here below I'll be sharing with you our Boracay itinerary and expenses. This is a 4 nights-3 days trip for a group of 5. We're budget travelers thus the choices we made in our trip. (If you are confused with the screenshots below, it is because our first and last day are only spent with travel.)

The independent prices for the activities I've forgotten. We just knew we want all those and haggle for the package.

Boracay can be considered a place to shell out money for the beauty and experience. If you really want to relax then get an exclusive resort and pay the price, but nevertheless, there are cheaper options for your fun vacation. You just have to research for it.

Some tips if you're planning out your itinerary:


  • Cheap accommodations are located at Station 3 or Station 2 near D'Mall. There are much cheaper options if you stay away from the Beach.

  • Here are some of the cheap options that we had:

  1. Wendy's Apartelle @ 700/night/per head
  2. Cena's Guesthouse @ 600/night/per head
  3. My Hostel Boracay @ 660/night/per head 
  4. Box & Ladder @ 780/night/per head
  5. Orchids Boracay @ 600/night/per head


  • There are cheap restaurants at D' Mall.
  • Try local carinderia at the back of White Beach.
  • You can buy groceries for your breakfast before going to Boracay.
  • Ensure you have your own water supply. Buy this before going to Boracay.
  • There are small groceries and 7-11 Store at Station 2 going to Station 3.


  • Online bookings are more expensive than booking personally.
  • Consider logistics when doing activities. It saves us money when we went to Puka Beach since we requested our ATV's service to drop us at the location.
  • Bumming around won't cost you anything.
Here is a downloadable itinerary for a 4Days-3Nights trip to Boracay. All costs intended for a solo traveler.

Boracay Suggested Itinerary

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So there, I hope all that helps even just a little. God bless and have a happy trip!


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.


  1. Hi! I'd Like to know if you paid Kuya Enteng right away for the activities or you paid him after you've done everything? I actually read some blogs about tourists being scammed by some tour guides. Thanks!

    1. We paid Kuya Enteng first. Before we avail everything we validate first with the booth if Kuya is one of them. He can't get away with us because we know his travel agency and their booth.

    2. Also, he'll direct the payment to their agency in front of you so, you should have no worries.

    3. Hi Glen, Where is the booth located?

    4. Booths are lined up on the beach in tents

  2. hi, how to get in the helmet dive? do you have an idea how much it cost now? or any contact number?

    1. Hello Nelonaje!

      Helmet Diving ranges from 500-800 January last year, not sure how it costs right now. The prices are pretty much standard among coordinators, but you can always haggle. We got a 5-activity package upon arrival from Mr. Enteng Clemente - 09098179873.

      Also, there are booths lined up at Station 3 or you'll pass by people offering activities starting from Station 2. It includes the speedboat going to the diving site, equipment, diving assistant and a CD copy of your pictures/videos underwater.


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