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I vote for RESPECT. Just saying

Are you like me these days wherein everything in social media seems to raise your eyebrow and boil that inner b*tchiness you have in mind? It makes you think for some time and it makes you seconds-wiser, but on the other hand you seem to be defending yourself for some senseless ego battle. May it be fighting for your principles or what, do we really need to give a f*ck?

We all know it and it's really obvious, the social media is becoming a feeding program and we're pigs getting fed by the politicians' swill. Disgusting. I don't have any grounds for my candidate nor I can provide long list of accomplishments because right now, I still don't have a president to vote. I'm not into politics and never did I lose myself on the pit they created. I'm just a normal citizen hoping to have a good and quiet life. I would rather think about my own CHANGE than rely it to someone. Yeah I'm politically-illiterate at walang pakialam. You could say that. But I'm normal  enough to respect other's opinion, thoughts and decisions that I would rather keep my mouth shut than waste an effort to convince someone. It is not my business and people will still believe what they choose to believe. So why bother?

People these days are so into the 'CHANGE' idea. They're so desperate to place their candidate on position that they would even risk friendships and respect. At one point, they even lost their attitude in response to getting so affected on one's contradiction to their beliefs. I even saw a friend on Facebook who is so active in replying to everyone's post/shared-post about his candidate. Literally, if a post is about his candidate, you'll see his name under. Walang palya! Paalala lang po kase, hindi lahat ng nareresearch sa internet o natatanggap sa mass media ay totoo. I'd just like to point out that if you find facts/opinions that is way out of what you know, take a break and think of the possibilities. You're maybe wrong.

Honestly, nakakastress. Hindi ang politics, kundi ang mga taong nagmamarunong about dito. So I came to believe that above anything else, RESPECT and KINDNESS will take you to a better place. Think before you react. Think if it is still necessary and act responsibly. Always try to be kind because in the end it will be reciprocated. 


On another note, maisingit ko lang, I'm also getting fed up about investment posts.

"I breathe and I live in this point in time so I will invest on this time. I live for the present and I will make the most out of it. We don't know how long we'll live and all things that you reserve for the future (may it be travel or postponed dreams) may just be written on imaginary history book which no one even cares. So write your own story and give it a memorable chapter!"

Linya ko yan. I may not have hundreds of thousands of savings in the bank compared to others, but I know I'm doing better in spending money on my current life. I remember talking to an insurance company agent about 2 years ago who is questioning my achievements. I remember the lines "Hindi mo ba kaya?" at "Ilang taon ka na, pero wala ka pang (insert material achievement here)". Really? One's assurance of a better future or achievements cannot be measured by his money in the bank or mutual funds. I know I must save. But I will save based on how much I CAN save. This is much more important than anything else, uunahin ko pa ba ang 'future' kesa sa pangkain ko sa araw na to? So if I know I cannot avail your insurance/mutual funds package, then it is not yet for me.

I'm a practical person. I may not be as wise as the others but I know I didn't skimp on my necessities.
Just saying. 

Here's what I need right now.

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Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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