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One Day Trip at San Vicente

I actually don't have anything fancy and creative of an intro for this post. I just don't know how to start. I was brained damaged, empty, lost in nowhere and hopping into my daydreams thinking about Jim and Pam (of the series 'The Office' – yeah, I’m late). Crazy eh? This is the same feeling when I board a van going to San Vicente. I was clueless on where should I alight. I'm still dreaming of myself swimming. I just know I have to be at San Vicente and this dispatcher kept asking me where they'll take me. I asked, "San po ba kayo usually nagbababa?", and they answered "Dun sa bayan". Got that, that's what I expected too, but on the way, they went straight to New Agutaya and not in town. I was sleeping that time so I didn't notice that everybody in the van is already taking off one by one until I was the only one left. My mind just returned from dreamland and now I'm not ready to be thinking where should I go. I looked at my itinerary and voila! The place where I'll be staying is at New Agutaya too! Perfect.

On my way to Roxas
I was a little tired and hungry when I travelled from Port Barton to San Vicente for more than 2 hours. I had to take the longest route which is riding a BIIIIG JEEPNEY (It would pass as bus) to Roxas then take a chance on public vans to San Vicente. There are also buses that goes to San Vicente from Roxas but since the next schedule will get me idle for 2 hours, I just waited for the van.


The van took me straight to Erica's Guesthouse. It is a Php500/night private room with CR and it is a one ride away from town.

First thing that I had to do was to eat lunch. I was so hungry and the local eateries are my only chance for survival but there was none in New Agutaya. They are located in town. 

Habal-habal ride, which costs Php20
Mode of transportation here is through the habal-habal and it cost me Php20 for a ride going to town. Owning a motorcycle is like the norm here. It serves the locals well because of the rough roads on some part.

After eating in one of the eateries in the public market, I braved to stroll the area on a mad-hot afternoon and found a lot of good stuff.

Everything here is much better than Port Barton. It is much developed and bigger but the same feeling of living a humble life is present. 

Chocolate shake on a hot afternoon. Cost Php35
After some time I tried to visit the tourism office to ask if they still accommodate island hopping tours. Unfortunately it's a NO. Well, partly I regret coming to this office because I knew they will only offer me tours - island hopping the next day, or land tour - which apparently I wasn't able to say no. They were so hooked on selling one to me that they accepted even if it wasn't the rate that they asked. Well! I didn't plan for this, so I just get along and think of how much I'll pay along the way.

The guide was Kuya Elmer and he offered me a habal-habal ride for Long Beach. He said it was Php120 one-way only which I absolutely did not accept. Long Beach was near the guesthouse and it will only cost me Php20 or less than Php70 if I chose the local habal-habal which are lined up in front of the market. His rate was too much! I just accepted the offer when he said he'll give me a sidetrip on some of the fancy hotels around.

We first went to the famous Peace and Love Resort. It has a good overlooking view of the sea and nice interior and all but the neighborhood is not a nice view. We just stayed for less than 10 minutes because I don't have anything to do there.

We went straight to Long Beach and I was alighted at the center of the 14 km beach. This beach is famous for its length which is 3x the size of Boracay and it is the longest beach in the Philippines. The sand is so fine and so white. The place is not yet overly commercialized. No local stores in sight, not even a person. If there's one it'll probably be a boatman or locals too living nearby. And that's what I just love about the place! It is SO QUIET and EMPTY it feels like you own it.

If there's a hotel that's front beach, expect that it's expensive. Just like Club Agutaya which is a luxurious hotel offering Php9000 per night rooms - and that's their cheapest mind you.

My guide knows someone working in here so I was able to get in and just do a day tour. What you’ll see are the usual amenities and there you go the beach.



Again, even the resort is empty that time.

The place is perfect for those having a honeymoon and is willing to shell out some money.

The receptionist is so kind to walk me to the beach.
I paid Php500 for the use of swimming pool which I was dying to do because it was so hot and swimming on the beach with a strong set of waves is not recommended. The beach looks liked it will surprise you. It's like carved to have a deep setting.

Since I'm the ONLY ONE around the beach, I did took some shameless pictures.

I ended the tour without waiting for the sunset. Ugh!! I just felt like I used most of my guide's time that it should show up in my payment so I decided to call it a day… but hey I paid Php200 and I spent 3 hours. Was that enough? My conscience kicked in. Sorry.

Anyway, the next of my problems would be my dinner. Since there's no local stores near the guesthouse and I don't want to go to the public market, I just utilized the remaining grocery items that I have. Here is where a cup noodles come handy and I owe my life to this. Also, if it weren't for the cup noodles I wouldn't have the chance to chat with the house owners. It was a fun discussion of anything and of the owner's a bit of private life. I learned that there are foreign families who rented some of their rooms for a month due to weather conditions in their country. Also, the place where I bought a shake usually held a free movie watching every night! (and that's when I regret not having dinner in town)

Other stories are funny and private which I was honored to hear from someone I barely knew. Being a solo traveler exposes you to such moments. Just like when I slipped in their house to watch TV! They let me in since it is still early and because I'm a trustworthy-beautiful-solo traveler friendly.

We watched "Tunay na magkaibigan, walang iwanan. Peksman!" in Sinemo and being there gave me the experience of living in the province. No fancy furnitures, there are wooden ones and the usual "kahoy veranda". I loved it! Reminds me of my grandparent's home. The movie ended and I gathered enough yawning. I went back to my room, excited to rest my back on the bed but I was surprised to see a pack of insects of different kinds! I forgot that this is why we have mosquito nets. Ugh! I blame it on myself, it's because I left the room open. 

Anyway, it was a different experience to end my night and my whole Palawan trip. It is not the beautiful and scenic sunset on the beach nor the happy night out over drinks. It is a fun chat with the people who gave me shelter. It is so different but equally rewarding. The moment I stepped on the airplane, I still can't believe that I spent 4 days alone on somewhere I'm not familiar and here I am going home. I SURVIVED! Yey! The experience fueled me up for more of this solo travel thingy and I can't wait to BURN IT again. ;)

Until my next ad-v,

Erica's Guesthouse
New Agutaya, San Vicente, Palawan
0930 271 1011

Club Agutaya
San Vicente, Palawan
048-7231050 to 53. +639178986566 / +639178754422 / +639178981047 to 48

Vans from Puerto Princesa to San Vicente
Pan Pan - Dispatcher
0946 191 2528

Habal-habal ride
Kuya Elmer
0950 124 3778

Van Driver
San Vicente to Puerto Princesa, 4AM Ride
Kevin Bendanillo
0930 295 1208

"You cannot create experience. You must undergo it. " - Albert Camus


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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