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The only restaurant where I dined in Port Barton

Ring the bell.. oh oh
I'm creating an exclusive post for this restaurant in Port Barton, Palawan where I spent my dinner in my whole stay. Aside from the fact that I'm no food blogger, this restaurant that I fancy just deserves it!

Image from agoda.com
Orayt! I knew from online blogs and Tripadvisor Reviews that this restaurant offers the yummiest food for its price. So I went there on my first night to find out - Ayette's Bamboo Cottages and Restaurant.

Image from hotel.reescape.com
When I went there it was almost full. No available nipa hut for me so I sit next to their reception in long tables.

The menu includes a lot of options ranging from appetizers, American Dishes, Pinoy dishes, snacks and Beverages. Price ranges from 65-500. It depends. The cheap meals are the vegetable dishes and rice costs Php 15.00.

Image from www.mikelaagan.com
I picked the Buttered Shrimps, rice and fruit shake.

Garlic Shrimps - Php 250
Rice - Php 15
Mango Shake - Php 120

  • That yummy shrimp! The dish contained about 4 Big Shrimps then 4 little ones. 
  • MANGO SHAKE! It's too big I felt like I drink two cups.
  • I can say the taste and serving justified the price.
That makes me bloated! On my second night in Port Barton was my second round. I ordered Adobong Sitaw, Rice, Small Serving of French Fries and again, a fruit shake - Banana Shake.

Adobong Sitaw - Php 65
Rice - Php 15
French Fries (Small Platter) - Php 99
Banana Shake - Php 99

  • Adobong Sitaw was yum! Serving's enough.
  • French Fries - Not your ordinary fries. Slices are thick and the small serving is actually big for me.
Those two dinners at this place though expensive for my budget (I only alotted Php 200!!) was worth it. Nothing beats a happy tummy even if you'll shell out money. Anyway, you won't have problems here because for sure, the food will not disappoint you.

Overall Rating (as for my taste)
Serving: Excellent ; Justifies the price
Taste: Average 
Price: Average 
Place: Average ; Prone to mosquitos

Ayette’s Bamboo House Restaurant
Location: Corner Rizal Ballesteros, Port Barton, Palawan
Contact no. 639306602326

That’s all for now, ciao!


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