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One Hot Bulalo

SUMMER is ending! I actually hesitated to type that because summer is technically ending, but geographically NOT! Kay init pa din sa Pilipinas especially on the afternoon!! We can notice the adjustment in our season. Anyway, I said summer is ending but I didn’t have any summer trips (Port Barton trip is a birthday travel hehe). No beach photos, Baguio visits or Ilocos Tour. I’m just around the corner pushing my way through a needle hole. I’m literally going through a financial crisis and I’m already suffocated for tightening my belt, though I don’t use a belt. Tiis-tiis mode ako ngayon, and I feel like I’m still going through Lenten Season. Bakit ngayon pa?!! Thank God I’m located near summer destinations that are budget-friendly and won’t put a hole in my imaginary pocket. Plus! I can make use of our car and .. my friends. Hahaha User! Joke. No, I thank them for being so generous. Sagot ko ang ride, sagot nila ang pagkain. Yey!

A picture of Mer-Ben's Tapsilogan sa Tagaytay from AnAsianTraveler site.
This is how it looks at night. Photo credits to AnAsianTraveler.
Recently we went to Mer-ben’s Bulalo at Tagaytay for a night foodtrip. It was 10PM and we’re out for a smooth traffic. I also felt excited for it was my first time to drive to Tagaytay. Experience is good.

The place was good. You got to eat on their nipa huts and the breeze, ohh cool breeze! It got me with my shorts! Every time we go to Tagaytay it‘s so happen I’m wearing shorts, and I blame it to the unplanned visits.

Medium Size Bulalo and Medium Size Daing na Bangus

I’m not good with food blogging, nor I have excellent taste with food. I just can’t seem to find the difference between the Bulalo in Tagaytay and the Bulalo in other place, also because I’m not a fan of bulalo that’s why I don’t get to eat it a couple of times. But for the record, the Bulalo in Mer-Ben’s a nice catch. Authentic Bulalo it is! Surely it will not fail your tastebuds.

I have to state the good facts in eating at Mer-Ben’s:

  •  Food is really delish! No doubt about it. Plus you can request for another bowl of hot bulalo soup when you run out of it.
  • They don’t crimp on servings and prices are justified.
  • The place is really good especially on evenings/midnights. You get to it on a nipa hut which is both private and native.
  •  They’re open 24hours!
Our total bill? Php700+ for a medium size Bulalo, medium size Daing na Bangus and 6 cups of rice. Meal is good for 3 - 5 persons. Great right?

Some downside would be the serving time could get you really hungry. We had our food served after 30 minutes. The place could also be a little prone to mosquitos.

So it was a chill night (technically) and we enjoyed it. The ambiance is like the Christmas-y Season and we had a good chat. Oh I’d love to take my family here. I’m just afraid they’ll get a high blood on the food in the middle of the night. Hahaha!

Mer-Ben's Tapsilogan sa Tagaytay
Address: 52 Aguinaldo Highway, Crossing Mendez East, 4120 Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines
Contact Number: 046 4830768
Open 24 hours

Until my next update,


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  1. We were in Tagaytay just last week din and had bulalo! Soooo goood! This made me regret not finishing our bulalo meal last week! lol


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