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How I Make Worklife Easier

I always thought that graduating from college will finally give me freedom and peace of mind, that life would be easier. I find that it isn't true when I finally step inside the working professional life. I have to compete, to prove myself and to step up the game at work as I am just starting my career and I need to build up. Add up the family responsibilities, bills, bills and bills. Sometimes I feel that I'm just working for the bills. With all of that, I get stressed out and rant about how hard being an adult is. I thought school work and projects are the worst stress I can get. As time goes and with 5 years of experience, I finally get to manage stress and work along side with it.

Here's five ways on how I make stress from work more bearable:

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 Have a hearty breakfast

Never ignore the saying a good breakfast makes your day, because IT IS! An empty stomach in the morning will NOT give you the energy, the proper mind and the strength for battling out deadlines. And it is not good as in the end, as you are not in your 'BEST' self to conquer your day to day task, you will have less chance of success.

Breakfast can actually control weight gain because if one is satisfied early at the day, he/she will not consume more calories for the rest of the day. This can be done by adding little lean protein, cereals or the very standard 'eggs' in breakfast.

Other than weight control, a healthy breakfast can also improved once performance, strength and endurance and it can lower cholesterol levels.

Not have enough time? There are easy grab breakfast for the busiest professional. Examples are: Hard Boiled Egg and Banana, Yogurt and a Fruit, Smoothie made with fruit and low-fat yogurt and more.

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Analyze the best shift or time for you. Consider traffic hours, commuting and or road conditions for certain hours.  "Pasok on time, labas on time"

Immersing myself on too much work for a day wears me out and often translated to my attitude at work.  I used to stay 2 hours more after my shift just to wait for the traffic to subside a bit and then expected to be at home by midnight. Thinking of that puts out my patience because I have to be out of home for so many hours. And then coming home at midnight makes me wake up late, so, domino effect, I'm late for the office. And that's the start of accumulating stress as a late worker often cannot get organized for the day.

Three months after I decided to change my shift and experiment routes etc to find the best shift for me. Then I realized 1PM to 10PM is the best time as it gives a shorter travel time of 1.5 hours, if lucky, 1 hour only and that's better from my usual 2 hours or more travel time. With this, I didn't let any travel stress to get inside the office, and also I get to have more time to watch series at night. hihihi

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Take a walk

When all tasks is burying me down and I get suffocated, I get out of the office and walk around the vicinity just to breathe. I don't smoke. Walking out of the office made me rethink, organize and prioritize things in my head and then I'll get more prepared for multitasking (if needed). "Taympers" kung baga. For me this is like refueling my mind to better run ahead of stress.

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Put up your own kind of music

When there is work and I just want to keep my mind shut from outside noises, I wear headphones and listen to local bands or POP. This makes me more productive as I don’t get distracted and bored.

According to studies, workers with tasks that are repetitive in nature showed signs of efficiency and happiness while listening to music. It is also true that listening to music can improve one's mood that will make the person more creative and think of better ideas. Though a moderate noise can get creative juices flowing, a loud music can also be one's bet and is effective. Overall, we all have that one kind of music that gets us pumping and this can get us out of boredom and stress.

           For more reads : https://www.helpscout.net/blog/music-productivity/

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Organize. Get a reminder. etc.

I'm no good at organization, but I still try when at work. Getting organize will let you have a path to take for the day. Listing out tasks to do then prioritizing based on complexity and urgency. These things kept me from missed deadlines and or requirements. Also, don't trust your memory, often times you'll find it backfiring. List down every key points on your minutes, on your conversation with clients, on your transition from colleague. Trust me, you'll go looking for those notes when the time needs it. Or if you're too lazy to write, get a recorder.

Getting organize will not surely get you out of stress, but at least it lessens the clutter on your mind.

All of these things are my usual routine to better handle work stress. Plus I know I got better strength and protection because I always take vitamins. Fern-C is the vitamin C line that is trusted for such. It is cheap, available anywhere, safe at Subok Na!. It is non-acidic and made of good quality from Europe. I usually take this in the morning even without breakfast, because yes it can be taken on an empty-stomach!  So there, 5 ways to make stress bearable and a trusted partner for additional protection. Gawing Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C!

For more details on Fern-C, you may visit their website  and social networking sites below:






Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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