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Review: Lunchbox Diet PH

Diet Food Delivery Service is in nowadays. Mostly promoted by showbiz artists and others who are health conscious and aiming to lose weight. I, on the other hand, does not really aim to lose weight. It is the opposite, but I subscribed to food delivery service for budget purposes.

Benefits that I found in this are: 

  1. I don’t have to go through the normal eating dilemma, where to eat? What to eat? And other headaches every meal time. Even if I'm surrounded by food chains/restaurants, I still find it hard to pick one. Thus, this service. With this I get surprises everyday. 
  2. With the fixed price I won't get to overspend. This is my main purpose aside from getting the experience. 
  3. I'm eating the healthy food that is calorie counted. 

So after checking articles online, I tried Lunchbox Diet PH for a week just to check if it is worthy enough to subscribe for long. I requested to adjust the schedule, instead of Monday-Friday, I asked for Tuesday to Monday (except weekends). I am on leave last Monday that's why. 

The customer support is very professional and they document conversations. I texted them Friday though the cut off is Thursday. It's just a quick conversation over the phone and I paid them right ahead through online transfer. They have BDO and BPI accounts. The amount paid is Php1700 for 1200 calories, free delivery in selected Manila areas. They even told me that if I won't be going to the office, they can deliver the food right through my doorstep, unfortunately I'm from Cavite, and they don't cover that area.

Menu for the week is posted on their Facebook page. One can choose from 1200, 1500, 1800 or 2000 calories. They have the regular lunchbox and a LOW CARB lunchbox. Special requests are also accepted.

What I like in this service is they cover a wide range of areas in Manila. Food varies from day to day and the selection is pretty good.

Here's a rundown of my feedback log from Day 1 to 5:

Day 1 - Tuesday

Breakfast: Congee with Meatballs 
- Taste: Average 

Lunch: Fish and Red rice with side veggies 
- Half red rice.
- Fish and few cubes of vegetables
- I find it 'bitin'. Maybe this is 1200 calories is all about! But yeah, if I didn't had snack before I eat it I'll probably get another food 
- As for the taste, it is OK. Not something unique that you'll go craving about. 

Dinner: Beef and red rice 
- Some beef are under cooked. Taste is average. 

Snacks: Apple and crackers with spinach dip 
- No comment.

Day 2 - Wednesday

Breakfast: Chicken Ceasar Pasta 
- I love it! The pasta is not overcooked, it's a little under cooked so that it will not sagged when delivered. 

Snacks: Strawberry and Cream Jelly + Classic Muffin 
- The jelly is a good dessert as it is not the usual and I love creams. 
- Classic muffin is very 'siksik' but somehow dry 

Lunch: Pork Soboro Donburi + Red Rice 
- Too dry, too bland 

Dinner: Fish Fillet with mushroom teriyaki 
- Not satisfying for me.

Day 3 - Thursday

Breakfast: Mediterranean fritatta + pandesal 
- I love that the pandesal is made from wheat but the fritatta doesn't give justice. 

Lunch: Herb crusted chicken + red rice 
- Again, not exciting to eat. Too bland and the only taste that you can get is from the bell pepper. 
- Not enough for me. 

Dinner: Beef shawarma 
- Not good. Beef too dry and all there is is beef and pita, and what is that? Bell peppers? 
- I almost puked after eating this. 

Snacks: Crackers + hummus dip + fruit 
- I was disappointed to see that the humus dip did not even reach half the container. Based on the picture it's like less than a teaspoon. But I guess that's the 1200 calories. 

Day 4 - Friday

Breakfast: Tapa and red rice 
- Many tapa, which doesn’t taste bad, average? 

Snacks: Banana cake slice + Yogurt 
- Too small amount. I don't like the yogurt. It's like a cheap one. 

Lunch: Oriental pork veggie noodle 
- I was not able to eat this because it spoiled

Dinner: Chicken with miso peach glaze + red rice 
- Nothing much to comment though the chicken is good. 

Day 5 -Monday

Breakfast: Chicken Arroz Ala Cubana 
- Taste good but it's too dry. 

Lunch: Beef Stroganoff Pasta 
- I liked this though the long strands of beef is a bit of a hassle to eat. Well, I'm not a fan of beef.

Dinner: Slow Cooked Port Roast + Red Rice 
- It spoiled

Snacks: Coconut Macaroons + Fruit (Orange)+ Free Lipton Lemon Ice Tea 
- I love the coconut macaroons. Legit! Taste like Goldilocks Macaroons. 

My notable comments are: 
  • Amount is too few for me. Maybe I picked the wrong number of calories. 
  • Taste is average. Sometimes there's none. 
  • Delivery is great! No wrong and late deliveries. 
  • Packaging and presentation is good. 

For this service, though it is not bad, I did not fully enjoy it. For some it may work because there's no big flaws on the food and service but for me, it just didn't work. It is because though the food's taste is not bad, it's not engaging or exciting to eat. I sometimes call it "malungkot kainin". Also the price for me is overpriced for the amount of food that I'm getting. 

Overall, Lunchbox Diet PH is still a good meal service due to the quality (in terms of sanity) of the food and a lot of conveniences in terms of accepted delivery locations - free of charge and the variety of food in the menu. I think they just have to pick food which is not easy to spoil. If you are wanting to have healthy food everyday that will make you lose weight, Lunchbox Diet PH is one of your options.

Lunchbox Diet PH

100 A Scout Lozano, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines

+63 2 372 9543 or +63 917 809 3196


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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