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Helping our furry friends

Yesterday I made a big decision in my life. A stepping stone and something I really wanted to do. The cost of what I cannot do in times I see homeless, mistreated, scavenger dogs is an indefinite commitment. For the love of animals and for my sanity, I started helping them out through donations and I'm writing this here so that I can encourage you too as well.

As I was browsing through different Philippine Animal Shelters, I was caught by P.A.R.T's mission. P.A.R.T. stands for Philippine Animal Rescue Team. Their advocating the NO KILL Equation which is they "will not end the life of an animal unless that life is suffering" (Euthanasia). P.A.R.T. is also against SPAY/ABORT - removing the ovaries of a female animal before delivery - which they considered cruel and unethical. And that's true, given that pets are helpless creatures, they depend on us humans for shelter and protection which includes responsibility and care. We are their parents.

Photo from P.A.R.T. Website http://www.philanimalrescue.org/

P.A.R.T. acts to STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY. I admit, I look away whenever I see mistreated or pitiful animals, I just can't handle it and most of the time I silently cry for a heartbreaking scene and I'm a coward to stand up for them. But PART encourages people like me to report such incidents. We are witnesses and with us taking an action, we can put the right charges for those bad guys. So even if you don't donate, you can help save the mistreated animals by just doing a report.

Source: P.A.R.T website
To report:
1. Fill out the form.
2. File a witness affidavit. For more, check this link.

With your report, an animal will be rescued and be given a new life. Imagine what you can do? 

P.A.R.T. is a new home for the rescued animals. Dogs and cats are given proper care - food, vaccination, treatment if with disease, hygiene - by a few workers and some volunteers. To sustain the shelter, P.A.R.T. accepts donations for different categories if you may. One can donate one-time, monthly, annually or one can volunteer to be a worker. 

Photo from P.A.R.T. website

I chose the Monthly Gift for PET PANTRY. This is where donations are being used for the animals food, vitamins, collar, bowls, supplies and more. I don't have the money for one-time or annual donation, so I chose the monthly donation even if it's small it can still go a long way right?

Photo from P.A.R.T. website

For animals with illness or disability, one can sponsor a specific pet monthly. He/she will then have privileges in interacting with the chosen pet PLUS you can skype with them for the progress! Great right?! It's like having someone take care of your furry kid, OFW lang!. The pictures of the cuties are shown on their website.

If you don't have the money, you can always go for in-kind gifts like necessary supplies and some equipment for the shelter. P.A.R.T indicated the things you can give on their website so if you see something that you have but no longer need, why not share it.

P.A.R.T also do community education on taking care of our pets and how to act on animal cruelty. What more, people can also celebrate occasions with the cuddly pets on the shelter! Now that's a great idea.

See, an animal shelter has a lot of activities that is all for the welfare of our furry friends. It is an independent organization but with our continuous support and donations, we can be assured that dogs and cats have a second home.

Philippine Animal Rescue Team (P.A.R.T.)
Skyline Road, San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan, Philippines
Website: http://www.philanimalrescue.org/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhilAnimalRescueTeam

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  1. This is a noteworthy cause and I would gladly support it.. Keep sharing!


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