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Pusuan natin!
I'm in the state of nowhere, frustrated but eager, a mix of unknown, I don't understand this feeling. I know I'm not alone, because there are some who experienced these things after they've finished watching Korean dramas. Yes, Kdramas. Nilamon na ako ng sistema and I won't deny that. Not even a true-blood (Kdrama) addict but I'm getting there. Sooner or later, I may criticize someone who haven't watched a single Kdrama. HAHA Ok that’s a joke

Really, I put an effort into finding one. The moment I buy 3 or 4, I started the nights of jumping through episodes and after I finished them, I skip some weeks for moving on. It stays in my mind and heart, that moment of moving on is actually contemplating what shall happen next on the drama or reminiscing those happy scenes. It is also the time I go gaga over the lead actors and after some time of Kdrama-hopping, I'm lost again. I'm feeling sad. Those dramas became my buddies, my company every evening, the only thing I do after work. And the moment they leave me I finished them, I 'm alone again. LOLs. Joke again. Who doesn’t feel that way?

These days, I'm into Korean noodles and it is a better pair for my K-marathon!
It is through these dramas where I learn some things which are often overlooked by people. It is either they focus on friendship, love, family or career. Their fantasy dramas are also well delivered. "W: Two Worlds" for example, gave a witty plot with unexpected twists. 

But not all Kdramas made me happy. There are some which I got frustrated for a boring ending and there are some which stressed me out in every episode. And I can't blame the writers for not giving a fans-approved ending, there's no law that will punish them for that. They made their point to give a better, realistic story, to give it some authenticity and they may forget about audience desire sometimes. 

Eksena pag gabi
In the present, I still have Kdramas in my daily life. Sometimes I think it's turning me into a lazy bum. But not watching at least one episode a day makes me incomplete. Not having another drama lined up makes me longing for something. Even though it doesn't make me productive in the long run, I still do get happiness, and that's what's important. ;)


Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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