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Mt. Tapyas: See Coron in 721 Steps

Mt Tapyas Coron Palawan

It's our last day in Coron and what better way to end it up than seeing the whole of this town? We need to go up! Unless you have a drone or helicopter then Mt. Tapyas is the way to go!

Mt. Tapyas places second on the highest mountain in Coron, following Mt. Darala. It is 210m above sea level that overlooks the municipality and harbor. The man-made stairs is a product of the community taxes and it proudly go straight to the view deck. The CORON sign at the top can be easily seen at night wherever you are with its glowing lights. Aside from that, a new large cross (old one destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan) accompanies the CORON sign at night.

Mt Tapyas Coron Palawan Mt Tapyas Coron Palawan

The cement stairs and resting stops are all fine with a few vandalism going on. There's no entrance fee or whatsoever, just go there, climb the stairs and voilah! A 360 degrees spectacular view of Coron and its bay.

We rode a tricycle going to the jump-off. We learned that it's actually near the main road but walking in the inclined road would need stronger knees, hence, the help of a tricycle. A Php 10.00 fare saved our energy before starting the climb.

There are mini stores at the jump-off where you can buy drinks because seldom you'll find one on the way. It's better if you bring a bottle because the way up is not easy.

Mt Tapyas Coron Palawan

Yes the stairs are defined but 721 steps is not to be overlooked! Especially for us people who are not that fit, we really make use of the benches on the covered stops along the way. Plus the heat of the sun is not forgiving. I was envious of some tourists I passed by going up and at the same time, went down while I'm still on my way up. IMBA men! IMBA!

Mt Tapyas Coron Palawan

Anyways, albeit the height and heat dragging me down, the view gave a refreshing vibe. In every step, there's no view too far that the eyes can't see. The sea is there! Extending up through the land strips and clouds. The town looking like Lego pieces scattered on the ground.

After more or less 1.5 hours, we happily reached the view deck and saw some kids. I don't know if they skipped classes but they seemed to be having a good time with their mobile phones playing music. 

Mt Tapyas Coron Palawan

Mt Tapyas Coron Palawan

The view is breathtaking! The blinding sun and scorching heat did not stop us from enjoying the view. It's the same description that I've said, but now more exaggerated! We just can't stop capturing it but truth is, pictures can't do justice.

Satisfied and hungry, we went down quickly. The heat intensifies as the afternoon came. We had a great view, but they say it’s best to come here for the sunrise (set out at 530AM) and sunset (set out 4PM). Oh that would be perfect! If you will visit Coron, don't forget to include Mt. Tapyas in your itinerary and enjoy a scenic view. 

Until my next post!

This is what it looks like at night. Excuse the quality, I don't know how to capture night shots yet.

Coron Palawan


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  1. 721 steps?! I can't even imagine how hard that is! The most steps I've ever took is 100+. And I was nearly dying at the top. Haha. I think the view is breathtaking and well worth it though!

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

    1. Yes one bottle of water is not enough! :)


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