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Over Coffee

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Hello there! How's your day? Me? You don’t have to ask, because I'm about to tell you. Here in Over Coffee you'll catch bits of updates from my not so interesting life and get annoyed by my nonsense talking. If you can keep up with that then welcome!

It's been a week since my trip to Balabac Palawan but I'm still tired and need some sleep. I had a lot of unfortunate events but the good ones overpowered them. The truth is I haven’t awaken yet from the island dream so I don’t see the reality yet clearly. But I'm sure traffic and stress will lead me back to place. So before that, let’s do a rundown of what happened before it drowned on my business.

1. Coron Overdue

I'm 2 posts behind for my Coron Blog Series and yet I'm excited to start with the new one! Haha! Really, my memories of Coron are soflty fading.  But that diving experience is unforgettable! :)

2. I obviously gained weight 

I'm not bragging or body shaming in any way. I just had to take note that I obviously gained 5 kilos making all my denim shorts and jeans hard to wear. You know how the skin gets rashes with super tight clothing and I suffered from that. That's why these days I'm into stretchy clothing. This change in weight also made me physically unfit to hiking which you know I love to do.

3. 360 Subscription 

In line with the recent bullet, I subscribed to a gym! Another big achievement for a person with no regular physical activity at all. Also, it's circuit training and I'm trying my best to push my butt off the lazy plate. I'm also trying - TRYING - to control my food intake. From 5 meals a day to 2-3 meals a day. Still not a big improvement because I still eat snacks in between  but we'll get to that.

4. I've been to paradise 

Eto na nga! I'm so excited! Up until now, the paradise where I've been makes me want to tell them. As much as I want to keep this paradise with me, I just cannot keep people from knowing how wonderful it is and also, people need some reminders right? We'll get to my Balabac Palawan Series soon! So please watch out for it. 

5. Travel Plans 

Right now I have two remaining travel plans for 2017. I have a ticket to Bohol coming June but no return ticket yet. Bahala na si Batman, I hope may promos pa. Anyways, I'm really controlling myself from buying overseas' plane ticket. My feet is just itching to go to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and neighboring countries. Problem is, I don't have the funds yet so I cannot buy it in the first place.  Also, I'm still saving enough courage to go there solo. Enlighten me please?

6. What makes me busy - Kdrama 

My blogging now have a contender - Korean Dramas. I so so so LOOOVVEEE Korea now! Which also makes me want to fast forward December for our trip! Comment down below if you also love 'D.O.', Jisoo, Lee Joon Ki, Park Hyungsik, Park Bo Young, Shin Min Ah and other handsome/pretty idols/actors/actresses. 

And if you're wondering, what's on my plate right now are Tomorrow with You, Arang and the Magistrate, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and The Heirs. I'm so addicted that I can finished one series in one sitting, but these days I'm controlling this habit, wala na kasi akong ibang nagagawa.   I also have a post regarding this here. 

There, I didn’t expect I can write that much.  I also put this up specially for my friends who I wasn't able to get in touch to these days, of course to my readers (if there are any) for an insider scoop of my daily life. And oh! I've put up a Facebook page so that we can reach more people. Spread the  guys!

If you enjoy what I post or if you have any suggestions or just want to bond, message me on that page! I'll get back to you soonest! 

That's all for now guys! See you on my next post! 



Glens is a full time Systems Developer and part time wanderer. On weekends she's mostly at home watching series, anime or anything of her interest. Sometimes, she can be seen backpacking or hiking. But she can ditch that over comfort food and bed weather.

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