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Travel Diary: Day 3 - The Other Side of Onok Island

OnukOnok Island; Balabac; Palawan; Soloista

Today I discovered the other side of Onok Island. The part comprising of trees and tranquility. The part where I wished I stayed longer, because being alone in here makes me feel a lot more of myself.

My morning started with the other guests' voices. Chattering and shouting, indications of overjoy and excitement. Though I woke up pretty late, I still feel I need more snooze.

Onok Onuk Island; Balabac; Palawan
View from the kitchen area.The hut on the right is the other dining area.
I had my whole meals for the day in the dining area in the kitchen hut. I really felt isolated from other guests as they had their lunch on the other dining area. Thinking about separating me from the rest? Haha  Anyways, Kuya Totoh told me to have a picture with a sea turtle. I went there and tumble with other guests as well.

Onuk Island; Balabac; Palawan; Turtle; Soloista

I met a couple and a photographer. They're from Manila too and they asked the never ending question, "Why are you alone?". Guys, it’s should be familiar with everyone now that solo travel is getting common. People can do it solo anyway right?

After some chitchat they were kind to give me a hand in taking photos! If I knew they'll be this kind I should've showed up yesterday. Huhu. Anyways, here is one of the shots:

Onuk Onok Island; Balabac; Palawan; Soloista

I let loose some shame when the photographer offered to take any shots that I'd like to do. We took some shots on this part of the island where the running water still looks flat and the turquoise blue shade is so wide (meaning the shallow part). The neighboring islands look so tiny from here.

Onok Island Onuk Balabac Palawan, Soloista

It though came to an end as we reach the other end of the island. The others went ahead while the photographer went back. As I was left alone on this side of Onok, I enjoyed all the senses. The sound of the waves and rustling of the leaves. The sunlight covering a part of the sand and me, covered by the shade of trees. I would've stayed longer if not because of hunger. 

Onok Onuk Island Balabac; Palawan; Soloista

Onok Onuk Island; Balabac; Palawan; Soloista

Onok Onuk Island; Balabac; Palawan; Soloista;

This side is also littered with spiky roots, fallen trees and corals. There are transparent crablets peeking from holes on the side.

Onok Island; Onuk

Onuk Onok Island; Balabac; Palawan; Soloista

Moving forward with the thin strip of sand, the feel on my feet is getting softer and softer. This is not surprising because this side of the island is facing the incoming waves. I saw nothing but the sea from afar.

Onok Island Onuk

Onok Island

The width though gets wider and wider before I complete the round. The view from afar is blinding as this is where the sun rises. I walked quickly as I passed by. The trees are too far from the shore to provide shade. 

Kuya Totoh says a helipad once settled behind the trees. I haven't had the time to check it as I'm on my way back to freshen up. This heat is killing my skin, I didn't have sunblock by the way. Haha

On my way back, the stone fence become visible and the sand also started to get rough. I learned that if not because of the stone fence, this island would have been buried under water. There would have been no sandbar and there would have been no Onok.

Onok Island onuk

Onok Onuk Island

When I finally made it back into the house, I saw how beautiful Onok Island is. You know what really sets this island apart from other islands? It's the view. Look at how low and broad the sky is. There's no obstruction around and it goes through the other side. Half being rough, half being calm. It's like the island is in the middle of two different seas with a crescent shape that drops on each end. Each of them having their own point. One wide sandbar, one peaceful beach and I can go crazy happy on both, just like I did today.

The next day I went island hopping. How did it turn out? Find out on my next post!

Until then! ;-)

Side notes:

- I can't express this feeling where I'm longing for that side of the island. I can still remember the 'feels', long after I came back.

- That side is also blessed. It's not too blinding and not too dark. It doesn't face the sun rise nor sun set, but it's within reach.

- I learned that during these days where my tummy is a problem, a one piece swimsuit in dark colors will do the trick. No need to explain, I'm ashamed to have worn a 2-pc swimsuit in front of strangers, much more they took my pictures! >.< awkward

- I need to lose these fats!



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