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soloista (Tagalog)
n. soloist (person who sings/plays solo)

Other meaning: Informal - a person who's on a solo mission, agenda, activity etc.

SOLOISTA is a blog about Glen, her ramblings and travel. As someone who grew up in Manila, and raised without much exploring, it is only now that she were able to see places, have some adventure and enjoy getting lost.

In this blog are the documentation of her own experiences, especially those that were done solo (because SOLO is courage) and that is not typical for a shy and a bit timid personality. As someone who always get to be the most excited, most enthusiastic, always on the go and "kaladkarin", she also finds herself the last one to push through.

Here she learned that there are unexpected joy in unexpected circumstances. That travelling can be done freely and without dependencies (set aside money, :P). SOLOISTA is a product of that. An online nook where travel experiences, tips, guides, food reviews, and anything that interests her at the moment, were filed for future references, online help and crazy reads. Oh if you're wondering, the blogger is a soloist too!


  • FEMALE (because of my name, most people mistaken me to a boy) 
  • Born and raised in Manila, Philippines
  • Dog parent
  • Frustrated writer and swimmer
  • Anime kid

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